How to Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation in Your Home

Did you know that your home might not be a safe haven from EMF radiation?

Electromagnetic field radiation, or EMF radiation, stems from the constant use of devices in our homes. Many of our technological items emit electric wave signals. These include cell phones and radios. Many scientists believe that EMF radiation is harmless.

However, some experts believe we need to pay closer attention to the potential dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Many wireless devices haven’t been around long enough for us to have conclusive evidence on the effects. 

So, how can you take EMF protection measures? 

Below, we’ll get into everything you need to know to protect yourself from the hazards posed by EMF. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding EMF Radiation

EMF radiation happens on a spectrum. In fact, it’s been happening since the beginning of the universe.

The sun emits EMF rays as it spreads light throughout the solar system. Later, experts learned that electricity also emits EMFs, as do our devices. Some studies show links between EMFs and cancer.

Where it gets tricky, though, is when EMFs achieve high-frequency radiation. Low-and-mid frequency radiation is relatively safe, though scientists aren’t sure to what degree this is true. Common household items such as washers and phones are believed to have this sort of radiation.

High-frequency radiation can damage your DNA and cells. X-rays, tanning beds, and CT scans are all sources of high-frequency radiation. The risk of adverse reactions to X-rays and CT scans is small, provided both procedures are provided in a medical office. This is because medical staff members take precautions to protect themselves and the patient.

Overexposure to the sun can also cause EMF-related damage.

EMF Protection

So, how can you protect yourself from EMFs in your home?

Start by replacing wireless options with wired ones. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, for example, it’s emitting an electromagnetic signal to connect to your computer. Buying a wired one will eliminate this risk.

If you must have wireless devices, power them on only when you need them. You can easily turn your wifi off by unplugging the router. Those who wish to get better EMF protection should consider getting rid of their wifi completely. If you need to do work online, go to a nearby cafe.

You can also put your phone in airplane mode. This disables many of its EMF-emitting features. Don’t sleep with it close to your body, either. If you need to use it as an alarm, switch airplane mode on. The alarm feature should still work.

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Want to Learn More?

Want to go above and beyond when it comes to EMF protection?

There are many ways to shield yourself from the EMF radiation we have all around us. This includes researching your specific devices and keeping them at a distance when you’re not using them.

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