The Benefits of Writing a Blog That Can Be Useful for Your Career

For some people, maybe blogging is only done to fill spare time. In fact, there are many benefits of blogging or writing a blog that can be useful for your future career. These advantages, for example, increase the possibility of being ogled by recruiters, increase networking, and many more. This applies especially to fresh graduates who want to apply for work but do not have any experience at all.

The will explain the series of benefits of creating a personal blog for you and your career.

  1. A place to pour your thoughts

The first benefit of blogging is to channel your creativity, while at the same time creating an online presence in this digital world. Blogs can be a means for you to express your thoughts and try to write about various topics. Maybe you still think that blogging is just to fill your spare time and get out what’s on your mind. In fact, there may be people out there who need this information and are helped by the content on your blog.

  1. Adding a variety of new skills

The next benefit is adding a variety of new skills. How not, with blogging, you automatically learn writing skills, how-to do-good marketing, trends in social media, content management systems (such as Blogger, WordPress), and much more. You can even learn the practice of search engine optimization (SEO) so that your blog can be visited by many people from the first page on search engines. The skill set will definitely be noticed by the recruiter.

  1. Attract the recruiter’s attention

The benefits of blogging on this one can be very useful for your career, namely attracting the attention of recruiters. As a recruiter, it is certain that there are many CVs and application letters received from one job vacancy. By blogging regularly, your online presence is guaranteed to be quite good and it will be easier for recruiters to find you. This will greatly assist the recruitment process, especially if your blog content is relevant to the job you are applying for. Recruiters can see your value and increase the chances of being called for follow-up interviews.

  1. Show your talent

As previously mentioned, a personal blog can be a place to pour your head and creativity. Another benefit of blogging is that you can show your talent with the content you create. Love to write and travel, dream of becoming a travel writer? You can make a blog as a kind of portfolio of your writing, containing content related to travel. By having this portfolio, the recruitment process will also be smoother because you show that you are used to writing travel content.

  1. Means of networking

The next benefit of blogging that is also very important for your career is opening the networking gate. There are many ways to network, such as attending office events, attending seminars, or contacting people on LinkedIn, and so on. Even so, you don’t have to bother doing that all the time. With blogging, you automatically “invite” people with the same interests to your blog and can eventually establish professional relationships. If you want to be contacted by people, don’t forget to include your social media account or email address on the blog.

  1. Increase income

The last benefit of blogging is making extra money. While pursuing a career, you may need extra income, but don’t want to look for a second job. To overcome this dilemma, you can start blogging and look for a possible target market. If the blog is well known to people, later there can be brands that invite collaboration and place advertisements, work together to create content, and others. In fact, you can also have the opportunity to go anywhere as a payment for the content created on the blog.

One way to make a blog more successful and able to compete with competitors is to check the amount of traffic that comes. Traffic seems to tell what the audience is looking for and wants. You can use these results to create content. The best tool for checking visitor numbers, their behavior, and other social metrics is Google Analytics. There is no fee to be paid to run this software. Every blogger and website owner can record everything related to the audience.

Add new content to Google. Every day thousands of new websites are created and millions of blog articles are published. No wonder it takes time for Google and other search engines to index new content. Luckily, there are ‘shortcuts’ to get your content indexed. Adding a content page or blog to Google Search Console will make it easier for you to:

Monitor blog performance.

Receive alerts in case something goes wrong on your blog.

Using various testing tools.

Get more insights and learning materials.

This strategy will also ‘force’ Google to crawl your blog or content.

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