5 Steps To Easily Dispose Your Old Car An Eco-Friendly Way

Are you tired of seeing your old and rusty car wasting away in your garage? If you aren’t planning to get it fixed anytime soon, it’s probably the best choice to dispose of it. 

Of course, you wouldn’t just abandon your car in a free car park. You should dispose of it properly and legally. By choosing a car removal in Sydney, you can have a less stressful way of discarding your car since they will directly handle everything from start to finish.

Aside from being a hassle-free service, car removal is an eco-friendly method of scrapping any car regardless of how bad the condition is. In Sydney, you can easily contact a car removal company to take care of this dilemma. The typical process goes as follows:

Call the car removal company of your choice.

Once you’ve done your research, you can choose a trustworthy car removal company that can cater to your car model and condition. You can then call them to ask for a quote or request on their website if available.

Based on the information you give them, the company’s auto experts will evaluate the final quote for your car. Once decided, you will then have the choice to approve or reject their offer. In some cases, you can try negotiating the price.

They will schedule to pick up your car.

If you accept the offer, the car removal company will schedule a time and day to pick up your car without any extra fee. Just tell them your location and prepare your car, making sure that you have it cleared up and ready to go.

The company will pay you the discussed amount in cash.

One of the great benefits of car removal in Sydney is that they can instantly pay you in cash. When the company’s representative arrives at your home, they will conduct an inspection and evaluation of your car. If they find it fitting to your description, they will pay you before taking the car to their facility.

Recycle your Car with valuable parts

Once in the facility, your car will be recycled for its valuable parts. Usually, your car will be picked up on the same day and be transported to their location. If they have enough workforce, they can work on scrapping your car promptly. 

Your old vehicle will be broken down using their tools and machinery to recycle scrap metals, including stainless steel, copper, and aluminium. Aside from these valuable metals, they also take working auto parts like batteries, transmission, and even doors.

Through this method, you will know that the company leaves no waste and uses sustainable ways not directly to harm and pollute the Australian environment.

 Clean your parking space or yard

Now that the parking space is freed up, you should make sure that it is clean and free from any leaked oils and other toxic chemicals from your old car. Over time, these substances can harm plants, animals, and even the people around you. 

It’s also essential to play your part to reduce the environmental impact of car disposal.

With car removal in Sydney, you don’t have to worry about manually recycling old parts of your car and selling them. You will be directly paid just by surrendering your vehicle, so it’s a win-win situation between you, the company, and the environment.

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