Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Ride-on Floor Scraper

You may consider renting a piece of equipment instead of buying them, especially when you use it only once or twice in your home. Like hiring a floor scraper, there are things you should know and consider before renting one. With many contractors having these services, scraping a floor shouldn’t be a pain in the back. Scrapers are usually designed to remove tiles, linoleum, carpet, vinyl or wood flooring. Floor scrapers have three different types: hand-held, walk-behind and ride-on. Ride on floor scrapers are flooring removal devices that powers from battery or propane. It is way more productive in removing wood flooring and tiles on concrete. Usually used in larger projects, it removes quickly but can also do catastrophic damage to concrete and surrounding objects when used in wrong conditions. It also has different sizes and capabilities. Here are the things you should know before hiring ride on floor scrapers:

Exact Equipment for a Specific Job

Since floor scrapers have different capabilities, telling the contractor what specific job should be done can make the hiring more reliable. Discuss with them the exact details to give you the appropriate machine that you need. Basic specifications should be discussed, like the area and the materials to be taken up. The building structure should also be established to assess what risk can damage the surface. 

Location of the Job

The job location is important to know if the contractor will use a battery-operated floor scraper. Floor scrapers like this are relevant inside the building, like schools or hospitals.

Weight of the Machine

Heavier machines can make the removal easier because of more down pressure. The machine will work perfectly with the appropriate speed and torque. 

Travel/Variable Speed and Torque

Without the proper speed and torque, your scraper is useless. Weight, speed and torque are the keys to a machine working effectively and efficiently. Ride-on floor scrapers should also have variable speed options. With this option, you can adjust the machine’s power output based on the material that will be taken up.

Battery Power 

Usually, a 6-hour battery is more efficient than a 12-hour one. Machine with a 6-hour battery can do the job 50% faster than the other one. It will give you less labour cost and quicker job completion.

Right Blades and Shanks

Right blades and shanks are the heart of a scraper. The rental company should ensure that efficient blades are used and be aware of blade choice impacts. Different surfaces use different blade technologies.  

Knowledge of the Machine

Learning from mistakes is not always a good thing, especially when you have a client who puts their trust in you to do a good job. Being knowledgeable about the scraper can provide outstanding service and customer advice.

For heavier work or job, ride-on scrapers are better than walk-behind. If you plan to remove ceramic or wood floor, mortar or difficult surfaces, this machine will do a good job. It will scrape the tough surfaces more effectively and at higher production rates. Floor scraper machines are amazing in that they can make the work faster and easier. From things you should consider mentioned above, weight, variable speed and torque and battery power are the most important characteristics that you should prioritize to make the smartest decision.

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