3 Best Places to Have a CCTV Installed for Your Home

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is located in the southeast region. The city is surrounded by the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, the Royal National Park, and Macarthur. The thriving metropolis is made up of 658 suburbs with an estimated population of 5.4 million people. 

In the previous years, Sydney outranked itself and other major cities, including Vienna, Calgary, and Vancouver. The city ranked 5th most liveable, judged based on healthcare, financial stability, education, culture, and education.

But more than the good sides of living in Sydney, there is also a looming dark side to living in Sydney. Just like any other city in the world, burglary and home intrusion is one big problem. Having a CCTV INSTALLATION SYDNEY is one good way to deter perpetrators from robbing your home. But to make your closed-circuit cameras more effective, you need to have a good idea of the most vulnerable parts of your home. 

Reports indicate that an estimated 1.9% or close to 58,000 homeowners experienced burglary in the last year. 

Exterior Places Where You Need to Have A CCTV

Homeowners aiming to have a good view of their outside space need to understand that protection primarily comes from the outside. Having your CCTVs installed in the right places would allow you to get a view of the intruder so you can act quickly. 

Some of the relevant areas that need close guarding include the front door, back and side doors, the driveway, and the yard. Outside doors will allow an intruder to enter your homes undetected. 

To ensure that you know who is coming in or out of your home, have a CCTV installed in entryways and exits. It should include the garage, driveway and the back or front yard so you can easily spot anyone attempting to enter your property.  

Interior Areas That Require A CCTV Camera

It would be best if you also had a CCTV INSTALLATION SYDNEY for the inside of your home. It is to ensure the safety of your family and check for activities that might endanger family members. When having cameras installed on the inside, make sure that it will not affect anyone’s privacy. 

The accepted areas to have CCTV installed are common gathering points, including the kitchen or living room and the main stairway or hallway. Placing a camera on the main thoroughfare of your home will allow you to monitor areas that provide access to vital rooms in your home. 

Additionally, it would be best to prioritise rooms with large windows because they are the most vulnerable parts of your home. Windows are often the break-in points of burglars, so it is always critical to have cameras pointing to these areas of your home. 

Optimising Your Home’s Camera Placement 

Your home’s CCTV location is not just what you need to consider during the installation process. While a professional installer knows and understands the value of a good CCTV placement, there are instances when a setup becomes problematic. 

When having cameras installed around your house, ensure that it has the right elevation to capture details. It is also critical for cameras not pointed at the sun or on street lamps to avoid getting high-contrast resolution or video glare.  One thing that is also taken for granted during an installation process is protecting a camera unit from outside elements. Your outdoor cameras should have ample weatherproofing protection, so it does not easily incur damage. 

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