The Benefits of Living in A Studio Apartment in London

It’s no secret that living in London is a pricey affair. Not to mention, demand is high. This combination means that there are a lot of studio flats available, whether they are new and spacious with the purpose in mind, or it has been renovated to suit someone who is done living with roommates.

There are a lot of benefits of a studio apartment, and we’re going to break them down here. Take a look at all the ways you can benefit from some time in a studio apartment.


A studio apartment will force you to downsize, which in turn will save you some money. Before you move in, go through all your things to organise them. You will need to separate what you are taking into your studio apartment, which is likely to be the vitals, and what will have to go elsewhere.

Anything you’re not looking to keep you can send to a charity shop, or you can sell online. And that goes for big items too, like furniture and exercise equipment. Anything you can’t fit into your studio apartment but don’t want to get rid of, you can put into storage.

Luckily, there is plenty of self storage in London. There are 47 Safe Stores in London alone, with another 80 spread across the country. You won’t have trouble finding a space for your extra things with Safe Store.

Once you’ve moved in, you’ll find that space fills up quickly, and you will need to keep things organised. Not putting a book back in its place can look like the whole bookshelf has spilled out.

Keeping organised can help you spend less money, too. In a small studio apartment, you will start to rethink any home purchases and keep your carbon footprint low by reducing your consumption. Plus, your utility bills won’t be as high when you have a smaller space to heat and light.

Independence and privacy

Moving out on your own isn’t a situation afforded to a lot of people in London. The rising rent prices mean either staying in the nest far longer or getting some roommates. A studio apartment is an affordable alternative.

No more racing to the shower in the morning, watching their awful TV choices or sharing spaces. You will have your own space where you can enjoy your own company, do what you want, invite who you want, and not suffer judgement from anyone.

You’ll gain the independence of looking after yourself, and perhaps lose the restrain of looking after others, while enjoying the privacy of your own flat. If you want cookie dough ice cream for breakfast, who’s going to say anything about it?

Easier housework

A little-known benefit of studio apartments is the housework. If you’re in a house, you are running around with the hoover for probably the entirety of your Saturday before you’ve covered every floor. In a studio apartment, you only have the one or two floors to think about. Hoovering, mopping, tidying, and cleaning is a doddle and can be done with small moments throughout the week, rather than dedicating your weekend to it.

For example, some of us let our dishes pile up by the sink, but the benefit of a studio apartment is that it will look cluttered and messy very quickly, prompting you to get rid of that plate right away.

Plus, with less material objects filling up your space, it will be easier to keep everything dust free and avoid some allergies. Running a cloth over everything might well mean that you cover three pieces of furniture and the bathroom.


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