Tips To Help You Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Commercial Premises

Your workplace must be clean and tidy at every juncture. Customers, clients, and colleagues need to be protected, and a good impression of your company should be made at every opportunity.

Of course, much of this comes down to regulation. Firms have paid closer attention to what cleaning standards should be maintained during the pandemic. Many professionals will have become obsessive with disinfecting their workstations, and these habits may yet persist despite covid restrictions fading into history.

These obligations take up a lot of time – time employees can perhaps no longer afford to spend. However, there are ways a company can slash their time spent on such efforts without compromising on the quality of the clean. We’ve listed them down below.


Use Mobile Technologies

There are few ways to advance maintenance techniques without having technology at your disposal. Some innovations can have an enormous influence on your firm’s cleaning capabilities.

Take a look at the mobile UVC sanitising units from VOIA. It has wheels fixed to the bottom, so you need only roll it into your desired space, set the length of time for sanitisation, and then leave the room. These products work dynamically in a 360 spread, have around 8000 hours of use, and kill up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria in their vicinity.

A thorough clean is guaranteed here, but there’s also ease of use to enjoy. Gone are the days of laboriously obsessing over certain rooms. With these innovations, you can flexibly sanitise your workplace to your own schedule and requirements, giving you greater control.


Prepare to Adapt

When pandemics aren’t gripping the world, a company’s cleaning needs can vary. It may be worthwhile returning to this frame of thought instead of constantly cleaning every area of your premises.

For example, those working in the tourism sector may receive more visitors in the summer, so cleaning schedules may need to intensify then. The same is true if your premises is due to host a larger company event or an important client. Your firm may also implement a hybrid working scheme, which means employees aren’t always in to make a mess every day of the week.

Instead of attempting a blanket schedule, try to adapt your cleaning techniques to your firm’s specific circumstances. That way, you will only spend a necessary amount of time maintaining the workplace instead of overshooting in your efforts and wasting valuable time.


Think About Employee Capabilities 

Your worker’s needs will give you some direction on how cleaning should be handled. It’s worth thinking about matters from their point of view.

For instance, if workers are made to come into work with illness, germs and bacteria will surely spread. It will also influence employee’s attitudes, especially during the pandemic era, and inspire them to clean more vigorously for longer periods. A better sickness policy will mitigate all of this.

Ample training should also be provided regarding health and safety, and hygiene. Working with a better provider of these courses will ensure employees can’t just spam click through a glorified PowerPoint absent-mindedly. Instead, digital courses will make them take a test at the end to prove their learning. Once cleaning is conducted more efficiently, less time will be spent doing it.

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