Why We Pamper Our Pets 

Our animals are best pals and closest confidants, so it comes as no surprise that many pet parents go above and beyond to treat them to the finer things in life. Showering our furbabies with love and affection is really our pleasure – in fact, a survey found that 57 per cent of dog and cat owners admit they spoil their pets 24/7. 

Our furry friends have transitioned from being mere companions to cherished family members. From celebrating your pet’s birthday to taking them on holiday, there are many ways to spoil our pets – but the big question is what drives this behaviour? And is there such a thing as too much pampering? That’s what we’re here to find out. 

The Reasons Why:

It reduces anxiety

It’s no secret that our pets do wonders for our mental health. Interacting with them prompts the body to produce dopamine and oxytocin, which help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression and loneliness. 


As a species, humans have an innate desire for companionship and our pets fulfil this need perfectly. Our furry friends provide us with comfort, support and friendship, and spoiling them is way to demonstrate our appreciation for their company. 

Showing you care 

There is no better way to show your pet how much you care than by gifting them the things they enjoy most. Be it special treats, luxury beds, trips away, toys and lots of cuddles. 

Ways You Can Spoil Your Pet: 

Going on long walks 

Exercise is a treat for many pets, especially our canine companions. They are biologically wired to explore the outdoors and the thrill of a long walk alongside spending time with their favourite human is hard to pass up. Take them on their favourite route or somewhere brand new for a fresh adventure. 

Bedding fit for a king 

It can be tempting to let your pet up onto your own mattress but with bigger animals like dogs, it can become a bit of an inconvenience. Give your dog the gift of a luxury bed so they can enjoy just as good a night’s sleep as you. 

Spend quality time together 

Our pets want to feel loved just as much as we do, and human touch can be therapeutic for them. Devoting an evening or two a week so you can spend some quality bonding time together will help your furbaby feel special and appreciated. Relax on the sofa together, doll out tummy and ear scratches, or play together with their favourite toy. 

Balancing Love and Responsibility 

While it’s perfectly fine to show your pets just how much you love them, you need to be cautious that this doesn’t stray into irresponsible pet ownership. Too much of a good thing can go bad quickly and over-spoiling can lead to undesirable behaviour or poor health. Finding that perfect balance between love and responsibility will keep both you and your pets happy. 

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