How To Use A Prong Collar – Steps To Follow

Prong Collars are becoming one of the most popular and effective tools in dog training nowadays. Well, the scenario was very different in the past. There was a time when canine trainers and owners strictly avoided this tool.

Why? Indeed because of how it looks. But, because of its charismatic effect, people accept Prong Collar to train dogs. And millions of them are always on the go to search, how should you place a prong collar on a dog in the right way.

Today, we’ll be talking about the kith and kin about Prong Collars and how to use them in training your fur buddy without hurting them.

So, let’s not waste any more time and dig into the details. 

About Prong Collars

Prong Collars are mainly stainless steel collars that are dedicatedly constructed for dog training. The tool can be made of chrome or other material as well. It consists of several Prongs that link up into a chain.

At the back of the Prong Collar there is a systematically built chain which connects to leash and when pulled does the job. The prongs are representative of Canine teeth. 

So, when you pull the leash, the Collar acts like a dog bite all around the dog’s neck. Dog bite seem harsh but let me clarify one thing. The site is a gentle one that mother dogs do on their growing child’s neck to correct its behavior.

In a Prong Collar the pressure when created is evenly distributed around the pup’s neck, so there is no chance of any tracheal damage or the dog getting hurt.

Why Do You Need A Prong Collar?

The straightforward answer is, you need a Prong Collar to train your dog to be gentle and correct its behavioral issues. Training dogs with Prong Collars is considered a hard training according to the positive only trainers.

But in reality, the truth is completely different. Prong Collars may look scary because of the sharp looking Prongs. However, the edges of the Prongs aren’t sharpened at all. They’re well finished so it doesn’t hurt the dog.

Talking about finishing, quality comes in the topic. You’ll find different sizes and types of Prong Collars in the market. But let me tell you one big thing. That is, in Prong Collars, nothing can beat Herm Sprenger. 

It is the only brand till the date that produces a variety of well finished high quality and durable material built Prong Collars. Anything other than Herm Sprenger still is in fact of doubt at present. 

So, make sure you choose the right brand for the best Prong Collar for your furry little friend. 

How To Use A Prong Collar – Step By Step Guide

Here comes the most demanding question of all time in training dogs with Prong Collar, “how to use a Prong Collar?” 

Well, the right way to fit it is, snugly fit the collar around the dog’s neck. The collar shouldn’t be lower than the dog’s jawline and the area behind the ears. 

Wearing the collar lower can cause the dog tracheal damage, and you would find difficulties to train your pup in that way. 

Now, let’s learn how to fit the Prong Collar right around your dog’s neck following some little steps.

Step 1

The first step starts way before you put the Prong Collar on your dog’s neck. But, unfortunately, most of the dog owners and trainers miss this step.

It is making your dog familiar with the new tool. Dogs are like stubborn kids who are very picky about their choices and learning something new under strict supervision is definitely not their choice.

So, your dog won’t like to wear the Prong Collar for the first time and instantly get into training. It’ll give the pup fear and anxiety. That’s why, first, let your dog be familiar with the new tool.

Take the Prong Collar to your furry friend and let him/her sniff it, touch it and be familiar with it for a while. 

Step 2

Now, it’s time to put the collar on your dog. Unlock the collar by pinching a Prong and pull away. It’ll detach the link of the collar then put it on your dog’s neck. 

Gently wrap the collar around your dog’s neck. Make sure it fits tight (not too much tight) on the dog’s neck behind his ears and under the jawline. The collar should fit as tight so it doesn’t slide down the dog’s neck.

Step 3

When you’re done putting on the collar on your dog’s neck, it is time to attach the least. It’s best to use a Prong Collar leash with a Prong Collar.

Prong Collar leashes have two attachments. One for the Prong Collar and the other longer one to attach the dog’s regular choke collar. Using this leash you still remain connected to your dog if accidently the Prong Collar comes off.

Step 4

Setting up the collar is done at this stage. Now, take your dog out for training. Place a simple tug on the leash when it pulls on any stimuli like other dogs, cats or passers by  to be corrected.

The tug would activate the collar and put even pressure around the dog’s neck with the Prongs. It’ll signal the pup to stay calm and correct its attitude. 

Step 5

When you’re done training your canine buddy for the day, take off the Prong Collar from its neck. Never leave your dog on a Prong Collar without training sessions. 

Prong Collar is a very helpful dog training tool. But it can be dangerous and life threatening if used wrongly. So, make sure your pup isn’t unattended on its own while being on a Prong Collar.  


  • How tight should a prong collar be?

A Prong Collar should be tight enough that it doesn’t slide down the dog’s neck. And you must be able to put your finger inside the collar and touch the dog’s fur well. 

  • Are prong collars better than choke collars?

You can’t compare these two different things. Because, Prong Collar is a training collar, not a regular collar. On the other hand, Choke collar is a regular collar for your dog but not a training specific collar.


Lastly, we could say, Prong Collars are amazing dog training tools. It actually completes the perfect training for your canine friend. Hope that this piece of writing on how to use a Prong Collar has helped you.

Now, enjoy training your dog the best way using a Prong Collar by following the above steps.  

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