If you are living in a residential apartment with several other families in the same building, the pest problem you will be facing can be severe. All the people living in the same building do not have the same lifestyle and hygiene. Thus, no matter how clean you are, if someone living on the same floor that you are on has a severe pest infestation, you will not be considered special. If you are facing an infestation, inform your landowner or contact the other members of the residence and hire a professional residential pest control

Which Areas do the Pest Control Services Target in an Apartment?

You should ensure that the pesticides the pest control service is using are non-toxic. Ask them about the details and ensure it is safe. However, the technicians from the pest control service will ensure that they spray around the entryways, baseboards, furniture, and cracks in the walls, cabinets, and appliances. 

The technicians ensure that the pests are eliminated and also check there is no entryway kept untreated. They also know how to deal with the eggs and the larvae. 

 Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary?

Well, it depends on the lifestyle and hygiene habits of the people residing in the apartment. Some units might require a monthly intervention with pest control, but other than that, once in six months will be alright. 

Further, you will be suggested by your pest control company about how frequently you might need pest control. 

Some measures the residents should take to keep the pests from entering

The people who are residing in the building and the landlords of the buildings are responsible to check the pest infestation. Here are some hygiene practices that will keep the pests at bay:

  • Keeping the dishes and sink clean. Not allowing waste food to stay for too long in the sink.
  • Wiping the place where you have eaten your meal.
  • Keep the kitchen clean using floor cleaners and dishwashers, and in case you see a pest or two, spry pesticides that are available in the markets. 
  • Mop the whole apartment regularly.
  • Not allowing water to stand and decluttering places where you might suspect pests will affect you.
  • Seal the leaks and mend the leaking taps. Further, clear the bathrooms from time to time.
  • Try to keep your home smelling good, as pests are attracted to foul smells.