What life lessons can you learn playing Bubble Shooter?

Do you like arcade games? Or have a knack for solving puzzles? You get the best of both worlds in the Bubble Shooter game. The game is a match made in heaven for gamers looking for strategy and action. Thanks to the colorful bubbles and the incredible graphics, people of all ages like playing this game. 

The rules and concepts of the game are straightforward. Players need to aim and shoot to burst bubbles of the same color and score points. In addition, players must prevent the bubble clusters from reaching the screen’s bottom, or the game’s over. When you play Bubble Shooter online, you’ll find a few apps that make the game even more interesting than what it already is. For instance, most online Bubble Shooter games are time-oriented, making them fast-paced and even more competitive than those that allow you to take your sweet time to pop the bubbles. Therefore, the game ends in two ways – first, if you let the bubbles come to the bottom of the screen, and second if the time runs out. 

The game’s objective is simple, and you need to burst as many bubbles as possible within the limited time to beat your opponent. But it is also a race against time, and you may not always get the colored bubble you desire in the little cannon found at the bottom of the screen. You need to learn and perfect several different shots when that happens, such as the bank shot. The bank shot works when you bounce the bubble off the wall and let it travel to places you cannot reach if you aim straight. Overall, the game isn’t as simple as it looks, and you need to give it your all when competing with real-time opponents or participating in tournaments. 

Apart from helping you stay entertained and engaged for hours, the game also teaches certain life lessons and skills. Some of them are briefly explained below. 

  • Impeccable hand-eye coordination 

While this isn’t a life lesson, excellent hand-eye coordination is an essential skill that can bring you massive success in life. Regardless of what work or chore you are completing, it would help to showcase coordination between your hands and your eye. For example, when you play the Bubble Shooter game online, you have to watch the groups of bubbles on top of the screen, see the colored bubble on the cannon, and decide how to shoot it. Also, you need to determine the best place where you need to shoot the bubble to do the maximum damage and score more points. So your eyes and your fingers need to move in tandem. Otherwise, you won’t score. 

  • Teaches you the virtue of patience

During the game, there are umpteen situations where players feel like they’re going out of control and the colored bubbles on the screen are not what they want. While some players make the mistake of randomly placing the bubbles anywhere on the game screen, others take the time to study the screen and carefully place the bubbles. The careful placement of the bubbles ensures that future chances of winning the game are not jeopardized. 

Therefore, the more you play this game, the more you can learn about the benefits of being patient and making calculated decisions. You can implement the same in your life for personal or professional reasons. 

  • Boosts focus and concentration 

When you’re aiming and shooting bubbles, you learn the importance of focusing on the game. The game is primarily based on hitting targets and aiming properly to pop clusters of bubbles. Players need to concentrate and focus on setting targets and seeking them in the right direction. If you play the wrong move, it can result in the game coming to an end. 

  • Augmented problem-solving skills 

The answers are not always available in black and white in the game and life. At times, you need to dig deeper to find solutions to your problems. For example, in the Bubble Shooter game, you cannot always get a clear shot and aim straight at the groups of bubbles. Sometimes, the bubble cluster is hidden behind, and you need to develop new strategies and tactics to reach them—for instance, the bank shot. Players need to use the walls to bounce off the bubble and pop the bubble clusters in hard-to-reach places. 

So, the game teaches players to view the problem from all angles and develop the right solution. You can play as many games as possible to enhance your problem-solving skills. 

  • An excellent solution to keep stress at bay 

Life can be pretty stressful, and you might be under pressure dealing with problems at home or work. You need to escape from all of these worries and relax. That’s precisely what this game offers you. You can treat the game as an escape from your realities, even if it’s for a few minutes. While you are popping bubbles, you also burst your stresses and worries. After the game is over, you can hack at your problems with a fresh and relaxed mind. You’ll get better answers, and you don’t have to feel so burdened. 

Playing Bubble Shooter can make you lead a stress-free life, and it is a lesson that everyone needs for a successful life. 

Summing up 

Bubble Shooter is a simple online game that can teach you many skills and lessons to make your life easier. So download the game right away and take advantage of learning those things while getting entertained.

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