14 Ways to Improve Your Game Performance

You know you’re a gamer when your dreams are filled with pixelated characters, and you can’t find yourself in the real world. Whether it’s Lara Croft or Geralt of Rivia, we all have our favorite gaming character that we want to be as cool as. But what if I told you there was a way to improve your game performance? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, believe it or not, these fourteen tips will help you reach new heights in your gameplay.

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  1. Use a gaming mouse to improve your accuracy: Whether you use a laptop or desktop, having the right mouse can actually make all of the difference. You don’t have to pay more than $200 for one either! A gaming mouse will be ergonomically designed with an array of buttons that provide precise control in your favorite games.
  2. Clear out clutter on your desk:That piece of paper on top that is just sitting there could be blocking your view and hindering how well you play. So give yourself some much-needed space by clearing off anything unnecessary on your desk before playing any game online. It’ll help you get into the zone faster and improve performance overall.
  3. Get a new computer monitor with high refresh rates for better performance: It’s not always about the graphics card. Your monitor is just as important for how well you do in your online game. You can find a 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rate display that will make it easier to see and react when playing with high frame rates, which are usually seen on competitive games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Overwatch, or online casino Malaysia.
  4. Get a gaming keyboard: A good gaming keyboard can help you type faster during battles and typing messages to your teammates in the middle of an intense match online. This will not only improve performance but make it easier for other gamers to communicate with you because they’ll be able to read everything you say quickly and efficiently.
  5. Update video card drivers on a regular basis: Hardware is always changing, so it’s important that software changes too to keep up with all the new updates released by hardware companies like NVIDIA or AMD (who are constantly releasing game-changing drivers). Doing this regularly means better compatibility between your computer system and graphics cards, as well as improved performance from your existing setup.
  6. Eliminate distractions by turning off notifications from friends on social media: Social media might be fun, but it could also be distracting! Make sure to turn off all of those general chat rooms so that you’re focused solely on working towards victory in the game at hand.
  7. Compress textures to free up graphics memory: Texture compression is a great way to increase the performance of your game. It’s also an easy process, so it won’t take more than five minutes, and you’ll see much better results!
  8. Gain an edge over other players with mouse sensitivity settings: When setting up your new gaming mouse, don’t forget to also set your mouse sensitivity settings. These will help you move much more efficiently and make the game easier for you to play without sacrificing any of that precision.
  9. Install an SSD Drive: Installing an SSD drive is one way to greatly improve your PC performance as well as loading times on most games. This solution can be costly, but there are affordable options out there if the budget is tight!
  10. Make sure not to overheat with proper ventilation: Overheating might seem like an old hat because everyone knows how damaging hot temperatures can be, but it’s not as common knowledge that PCs and laptops can overheat too! Make sure your computer has proper ventilation to prevent overheating.
  11. Try playing on low settings: Playing video games on low or medium settings while saving high-quality graphics purposely for special occasions will help save energy and keep cooling costs down–and in turn improve game performance because there are less demands being made of hardware components like RAM, CPU, and Graphics Card (GPU).
  12. Play with professionals:  Playing against professionals in any game is a surefire way to improve your game performance. The adrenaline, quick thinking, and strategy required for skilled gaming will give you the edge when competing with other gamers at home.
  13. Keep an eye on CPU and GPU temperatures: Your CPU heatsink is designed to dissipate heat by drawing air over its fins. Make sure this area stays cool by not covering it for too long-you also want other areas like case fans to stay clean as well. Monitor both your CPU and GPU temperature levels regularly so that everything runs smoothly.
  14. Upgrade your gaming equipment: Get a new mouse, keyboard, and other accessories that will suit your playstyle. There are many types of mice to choose from, which can range in style and sensitivity-and you want the perfect one for you. If it’s been months since you’ve swapped out your old keyboard or gaming headset (or both!), maybe it is time for an upgrade!


Gaming always brings the best out of you, so don’t settle for anything less than your best. It is time to make the most out of your performance and do what it takes to be a pro gamer!

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