Using essential oils for immunity regulation 

Health is wealth! We hear this saying frequently, yet very few people take their health seriously. Prevention is always a better remedy than cure. Rather than letting an ailment take root, boosting your immunity can promote a healthy body. While you may probably wonder how you can boost your immunity right now, know that there is no one way to go about it. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, having a good sleep cycle, and so on are all forms to boost the body’s immunity. We all know it comes with myriad health benefits about essential oil, so can you use essential oils for immunity regulation? To find out more about the viability of essential oils for immunity regulation, keep reading. 

Can essential oil aid in regulating the immune system? 

Yes, it is possible to use essential oils for immunity regulation. Essential oils can promote a healthier immune system because it is rich in several antimicrobial compounds. So, when you use essential oil, its antimicrobial compounds will promote the healthy function of antibodies in the body to fight infections better. If you want to use essential oil to regulate your immune system, your lifestyle must support it. When you are using essential oils, this does not mean you should stop exercising, eat healthily, or keep doing everything you do to keep your immunity strong. 

The body’s immunity is not strong enough, it will easily get worn down from working overtime to fight off infection. Take note that specific essential oils for immunity work slightly differently. When you use essential oil to regulate your immune system, it can either aid the secretion of antibodies, inhibit the infection’s growth, or even poison the infection, depending on the essential oil you use. So, why wait for your immune system to get worn down before taking action. 

Consistency is key to using essential oils for immunity regulation 

When you use essential oil to boost your immune system, you are not only solving issues, but you are also preventing future issues. The key to getting the most benefits from using essential oil is not only about choosing the right essential oil but about consistency. Generally, consistency is key to benefiting from all endeavors in life. Using essential oil once a week or a month would not truly be effective at promoting a healthy immune system. How often you should use essential oil depends on how you are taking it. If you are applying essential oil topically, you can use it 3 to 4 times a day.  

Similarly, if you are using essential oil in aromatherapy, note that it is not recommended to leave it on all day long. Rather, you can use the essential oil for aromatherapy when you take your bath when you want to fall asleep, and so on. You shouldn’t expose yourself to the essential oil in aromatherapy for 24 hours or longer. And if you are going to take it orally, you can take it once or twice a day. Also, in any mode of applying essential oils for immunity regulation, if you take it every morning or in the evening before bed, do so every day. 

Use the right concentration of essential oil

Another thing you should be concerned about when you want to use essential oil to boost immunity is using the right concentration. Note that essential oil is often very potent. So, when you buy an essential oil, always check the level of concentration in which it comes in. Taking essential oil in its concentrated form will do more harm than good. For example, applying a high concentration of essential oil to your skin can lead to burns or rashes, as the case may be. 

If you have a high essential oil concentration, dilute it down with the right carrier oil before applying it topically on your skin to boost immunity. For those who want to consume essential oil orally, only use a few drops of it in your diet. A rule of thumb for diluting essential oil is to add about 5 to 10 drops of essential oil to 1 oz. of solvent. You do not have to worry about the concentration of essential oil causing harm when using it in a diffuser. In a diffuser, the essential oil you need is the essential oil to be as concentrated as possible, the essential. 

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