3 Tips On Reaching A New Level Of Self Awareness

Your journey to happiness is centred around yourself, stemming from your own self-awareness. By reflecting on your own strengths and weaknesses and establishing what motivates your thoughts and feelings, your personality can be built upon as you become the best version of yourself.

Small lifestyle changes can completely transform how you feel on a daily basis and bring out the best side of you possible. If you’re looking to make a change and improve self-awareness, here are some key areas to consider in more depth than you have before, opening your eyes to the life you want and how you can achieve it:

1. Know your body

Nobody knows the look and feel of your body quite like yourself. The food you put into your body, the exercise you carry out, and the health checks you take to stay well all contribute to your general wellbeing and the quality of your lifestyle. Self-care has the power to impact your weight, energy levels, immune system, sleep quality, stress levels, and general health so actively making decisions to stay healthy can leave you thriving and bring out the best in you. As well as your physical health, your body is capable of providing you with endless pleasure. Reconnect with your body from a pleasure perspective and minimize stress levels by either getting intimate with a partner of practicing self-love at home. Using toys like vibrating eggs and wearing sexy lingerie can really make a difference in how you feel, bringing out a flirty and playful side of you.

2. Do what you love

We’re all human and none of us are made to spend our whole lives working. A key aspect of self-awareness is knowing where to focus your energy and create the life you want. Think about what you are going to look back on when you are older, putting more time into the things that make you happy and leave you feeling your best.  Get yourself out of your mundane daily routine by making time for your hobbies, friends, and family. Whether you allocate a couple of evenings for doing what you want to do or join a club to meet new people in your area, it can leave you feeling a whole lot happier in your everyday life.

3. Reflect on yourself

As we get caught up in the hecticness of everyday life, it can be so easy to not spend time reflecting. Make an effort to sit and evaluate your goals, emotions, and desires, think about how you could have carried yourself better in certain situations, and work on how you could respond for the better moving forward. Avoid burnout by allocating yourself time out at the end of each day, is a huge aspect of self-care, which allows you to reconnect with yourself away from the distractions of other people. Many people find that writing their thoughts down is a great way to reflect, allowing them to look back and see how far they have progressed.

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