Surprising Meanings Behind your Favorite Blooms

Do you know that in America, Chrysanthemum is an expression of encouragement or to say get well soon? But the same flower in many parts of Europe is seen as a symbol of death. So, do people buy these to put on graves? Yes, one flower, two different meanings in two countries. It is incredible because it shows that every flower or bloom you buy or see in the market has a hidden meaning. Sometimes, we just look at the broad one, like a rose for a romantic occasion. Yet, that’s not the way to buy any flowers.

If you genuinely care about the recipient and want to convey that through your flowers, buy the right ones with the correct meaning. And we can help you with this by enlightening you with the surprising meanings of the most popular hidden flowers.

  1. Roses- a symbol of love and more

We all know that red roses symbolize love, desire, and romance. So for any romantic gesture, presenting your loved ones with red roses is a must. However, not all roses mean the same thing. Every rose color symbolizes a different meaning, and when you buy everlasting roses, these meanings will enable you to find the right ones.

  • Yellow roses signify joy, friendship, and new beginnings.
  • Orange roses signify sensuality, desires, and fascination.
  • Pink roses denote gratitude & appreciation. Light pink roses mean sympathy or admiration for a person.
  • White roses symbolize purity and innocence.
  1. Daisy-a symbol of innocence

Bellis perennis or Daisy represents innocence. They are the first choice for girls with their sunny little faces; they feel like a cherry on top of a cake. Another significance of the daisy flower is childbirth and motherhood. Many people thus associate it with fertility, love, and sensuality.

  1. Blazing star-a symbol of blissfulness

Blazing star is also known as Liatris or gayfeather. The most common use of these purple-colored flowers is as an ornamental flower to place in a bouquet or floral arrangements. When you present someone with gayfeather flowers, it symbolizes happiness. Thus, in any moments of bliss or moments full of joy, giving a bouquet full of blazing stars sounds about perfect.

  1. Bluestar-a symbol of strength

There are many people in our lives whose strength and courage we admire a lot. If you have such people, present them with a bouquet with Bluestar. These star-shaped flowers in soft blue color symbolize endurance, strength, and courage. So, if someone is determined to accomplish a challenging task, congratulate them on these mesmerizing flowers.

  1. Begonias-symbol of gratitude

These pretty flowers symbolize uniqueness and gratitude. At times, it can also signify caution. However, often they express gratitude. Thus, if you have to give flowers to your mentor or partner, they are the best choice.

  1. Bleeding hearts-symbol of romance

Bleeding hearts or fallopian buds denotes romantic and passionate love. So if you are looking to buy a bouquet for anniversaries or valentine’s day or propose to your partner, other than roses, go with bleeding hearts. They make for a lovely floral arrangement.

  1. Red Tulips- a symbol of love

Another way to declare your love to your partner is through red tulips. These mesmerizing blooms are an ideal way to show your love and care. Therefore, you don’t always have to spend tons of money on red roses to show your love.

  1. Edelweiss- a symbol of courage

Leontopodium nivale, known to people as edelweiss, signifies devotion and courage. These beautiful mountain flowers are best for anyone you admire and are devoted to.

  1. Bluebells- Symbol of kindness

Kindness is one attribute that deserves appreciation. So when someone treats you with kindness, please return the favor by giving them these beautiful bluebell flowers. They show how grateful you are for someone’s support, love, respect, and friendship.

  1. Hyacinth-symbolizing games

Hyacinths are pretty blooms dedicated to Green God Apollo. They signify sports and play. If you know someone about to play the game of their life, you should present them with hyacinths to encourage and wish them the best of games.

To conclude, you now know what sending someone lilies mean. Therefore, your gift will always hold meaning and weight. Learning more about these beautiful flowers makes you giddy for your next delivery. Tell us in the comments below which flower’s meaning shocked you the most.

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