Types Of Pool Cleaners And Their Advantages

Swimming is a fun activity that gets so many people excited whenever they think about it. It is a much-valued hobby as a primary form of entertainment that helps people relax and keep cool during summer. 

Pools need to be cleaned regularly to prevent green swamps or make them an excellent habituating area for mosquitoes. The fantastic thing about pool cleaning is, with the help of Mr Pool Man, it can be quickly cleaned and made safe for swimming. Here are some of the different types of pool cleaners and their advantages.

Suction Cleaners

This cleaner comes with an attached hose to the skimmer box, and the suction created by the filtration system is utilized to draw the grime. This model is commonly used by Mr Pool Man and has two types.

The inertia-driven suction cleaners clean randomly and have this typical crawly look. The inertia-driven suction cleaners are ideal for pools with curved walls and no sharp angles.

Geared Suction Cleaners

This model has wheels and works in a fixed pattern. The geared suction cleaner is designed to get into enclosed angles, making them a good choice for smaller pools or pools with several steps and sharp-edged ages.

The main advantages of the suction pool cleaner are that; they are easy to install and more affordable compared to the different types of pool cleaners.

 Pressure Cleaners

The pressure cleaner is another robust model of pool cleaner that comes with extra boost pumps that require a different pipe interconnection in the pool wall. The cleaner has several advantages:

It can get into the hidden corners of the pool, is faster at cleaning than other pool types, and amasses every type of dirt, be it fine sand, rocks or leaves.

Robotic Cleaners

The robotic cleaner works with electricity; hence it requires a power point closely installed in the pool before functioning. The cleaner does not collect dirt in a skimmer box like the other different models; instead, it has inbuilt dirt trash that has to be emptied.

The significant benefit is that; there are fewer blockages and stoppages, and ideal for bigger pools.

In-Floor Vacuum Systems

This luxurious pool cleaner is designed to clean the pool when automatically activated. It releases the accumulated dirt via the main pump while water flows to the filtering system. The significant advantage of the in-floor vacuum system is that it prevents the need for handy regular cleaning since the cleaning is done automatically.

When choosing a pool cleaner, there are some vital features that it should have:

Pool Cleaner Features


The pool cleaner should be designed to work well with diverse pool shapes and sizes by adjusting the hose functionality and central flow area. Some cleaners have deflectors, making it difficult for them to get stuck in one spot.

Hose length

Ensure the hose gets to the depths and ends of the pool with an extra meter or two

Have the capability of climbing steps if required.

Pool covers

Some cleaners can be utilized even with the pool still having its cover intact.

With the above tips, you can choose the right pool cleaner for your swimming pool.


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