This way you make sure your new iPhone 13 is safe

Just imagine that it would happen. You’re so excited about your new iPhone 13 but in a split second, in an unfortunate moment, you lose control, and your phone slips out of your hands. happens to the best of us. A good way to prevent damage when your phone falls is to protect your iPhone properly. How to do it right? In this blog, we will give you some tips & tricks to make sure your phone is protected to the maximum at that unfortunate moment. 

Use a screen protector
To make sure your phone screen survives a hit or fall, you better make sure you use a screen protector. You can see this as an extra screen over your own screen. There are several choices when it comes to screen protectors. For example, you can go for a glass screen protector. This is made of real glass instead of plastic and is of very good quality. It is a bit pricey, but it does give you excellent use off your screen and outstanding protection for your screen. Nowadays there are also ‘privacy’ screen protectors. These block the view of outsiders so no one can secretly peek at your screen. Look into them if you want to make sure your screen is protected!

Keep your phone close to you

Most people probably already do, but you are the one who takes the greatest care of your iPhone 13. If you’re careless with your phone and leave it in an unsecured place, others can take it or it can cause an accident. Your sister’s toddler could throw it around or the dog could grab it and jump in the pond. As unlikely as some scenarios may sound, you can imagine that your phone is safest if you carry it with you. For example, you can put it in your pocket or keep it with you in a special phone holder.

Use a phone case 

A phone case is perhaps the most important part of protecting your new phone. A good phone case provides cushioning when your phone is dropped and, along with the screen protector, protects your iPhone’s screen. The best part is that you can also personalize your phone case. This allows you to give your phone a very personal look and you can design a case entirely in your style. With a personalised iPhone 13 case you will steal the show and have your phone optimally protected at the same time. 

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