Traditional Food in San Juan

If you are on a trip to San Juan and come back without enjoying the traditional foods, you are indeed doing a great injustice to yourself and your trip. Your vacation remains incomplete if you haven’t tasted the delicious foods in San Juan.

San Juan is indeed a haven for the foodies. San Juan food might seem nothing more than seafood for an untrained eye. However, if you look closer at Puerto Rican cuisine, there is a lot more to it than the greasy seafood dishes. Whether embarking for a destination from the Fort Lauderdale cruise or on a hiking trip, one thing is for sure; you will never run out of options for fresh and delicious food, no matter where you go.

Here are some of the best traditional dishes to try in San Juan, which are available only at authentic restaurants.

Mofongo – mashed, fried plantains

The staple dish can be found anywhere, and you will find it served in high-end restaurants as well as on the streets. It is prepared from mashed, fried plantains, chicharrones, and the best mofongo carry a soft base and crunchy fried pork skin – similar to what you’ll find at Also known as mangu, Mofongo has African origins and is popular in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

  • Top restaurants to enjoyMofongo in San Juan: Orozco’s Restaurant, El Jibarito, Barrachina,

Pastelón – a creamy, rich casserole

This plantain-based casserole is made of mashed plantains layered with minced meat. The meat is typically in Puerto Rican style and is a hearty stew of meat and tomato sauce. Other additions to Pastelón include green beans and shredded cheese.


  • Top restaurants to enjoy Pastelón in San Juan– La Casita Blanca and Bebo’s Café


Tripleta – A drippy, meaty, cheesy sandwich

Tripleta is the right choice for those looking for a big juicy sandwich. The sandwich is filled with chicken, ham, and beef and is often enjoyed with some drinks. The vegetarian version is prepared with cheese, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and potato sticks. It can be had any time of the day or night and is often found with popular bakeries and late-night food trucks.

  • Top restaurants to enjoy Tripleta in San JuanEl Churry – Isla Verde and Tripletas Mi Sueño


Pina Colada – The icy and frosty drink

Pina Colada is the best option to cool off during a hot afternoon. It is the official drink of the island and can be easily found in bars, restaurants, and even in the streets on roadside kiosks. You must try the refreshing drink at some of the original spots in San Juan.

  • Top restaurants to enjoy Pastelón in San Juan: The Caribe Hilton and the Barrachina Restaurant


Include the above must-have foods in your trip to San Juan as you must try those dishes. Apart from the above, you must also try other dishes such as Pan de Mallorca, Quesito, Bistec encebollado, Pernil, Alcapurria and more. Puerto Rican food is a celebration of flavors and you must enjoy only the authentic Puerto Rican food at the top restaurants for the best experience.


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