Psychedelic Shrooms: How Long Do They Last

If you are new to the world of psilocybin mushrooms, you are sure to have a lot of questions about what they really are, and what type of reaction these magic mushrooms will have on the average person. These mushrooms are much different from culinary white button mushrooms or portobellos, which are familiar in the grocery store.

Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly referred to as “shrooms”, are known for the psychedelic high they offer the consumer in the form of a “trip”. How long do shrooms last on this trip is a variable that depends on how much the user consumed, the constitution of the imbiber, and if food was ingested before the mushrooms.

 Eating Versus Not Eating

Eating food before ingesting magic mushrooms naturally slows down the process due to digestion. Research suggests that it takes roughly ten minutes to begin metabolizing shrooms, and you begin to notice the effects of the drug. If your stomach was empty when you ate the shrooms, you could feel the effect immediately, as there is nothing in the gastrointestinal system to slow down absorption.

Not eating before taking magic mushrooms is known to have caused nausea and sometimes drowsiness. Using a digestive aid can sometimes assist in alleviating stomach issues with sensitive users, whether taking shrooms with food or without. The effects should be noticeable within half an hour to an hour after taking them. Adding mushrooms to liquid helps speed the process as the liquid will travel through the gastrointestinal system quicker than solid food.

Varied Timelines

If you are still wondering how long do shrooms last, after beginning to feel the initial effects, you can expect to notice the stages of euphoria starting and a body high that will take over at around an hour and a half. From there, for the next couple of hours, auditory and visual hallucinations will continue until you begin to descend from the high at about three hours. You can count on at least five hours on the low end and possibly ten hours for users who experience a more extended trip. If you are unsure of the dose, wait at least two hours before consuming more mushrooms to avoid using more than you need and getting sick to your stomach.

Methods Matter

How soon shrooms take effect and how long they last also depends on the way you are taking them. Dried and ground mushrooms can be made into a hot beverage or put into food, which is an excellent carrier for taking shrooms, with some users reporting a better high from this method.

Alternatively, you could smoke the mushroom powder when mixed with tobacco or marijuana. Still, users report that the high is not as good as simply ingesting the substance due to high heat killing off the active ingredients. People have been known to snort the powder or mix it with water for injection; however, nausea and vomiting are likely. So, when considering how long do shrooms last in your system, consider the experience of the person taking them and the method used to consume the mushrooms in the general guidelines above.


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