Anxiety: A Silent Killer of Your Mental and Physical Health

Every person occasionally goes through anxiety in their lives. It’s a normal feeling when it occurs infrequently in some situations of life, but when a person feels frequent and intense feelings of fear and depression that affect their normal life activities it should be a warning sign.


It is a treatable condition but many people don’t consider it a serious disorder.


According to a study around 40 million people in U.S affected by an anxiety disorder.


This condition affects any group of age include children. This is important to know the difference between normal anxiety and mental anxiety disorder that needs proper treatment. To overcome it you can use the Zunestar 3 mg tablet.


This article highlight some information about anxiety disorder so people can identify their condition and seek treatments.


Different between normal anxiety/ anxiety disorder:


If you feel anxious about a new job, school exam, moving to a new place, or going for an interview. It is normal. This type of anxiety will help you to achieve your goals. This feeling comes with a situation for some time and gone. It does not affect your everyday life.


An anxiety disorder always keeps you in fear and discomfort. In this condition, you feel intense fear while going outside, meeting someone, during the drive, and you do not feel comfortable with people around you. This condition gets worse if not treated on time. Women are more prone to get anxiety disorder than men.


Types of anxiety disorder:


The types of anxiety are varied person to person but many people had more than one type of these conditions.

  • Panic disorder:


In a panic, attack a person feels sudden confusion, nausea, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and feeling of fear. Panic attacks will last for an hour or more. A person who gets a panic attack gets a fear of the next panic attack.


  • Social anxiety disorder:


In this condition, people avoid getting social because of being judged or fear of rejection. A person with social anxiety avoids going to gatherings.


  • Phobia


It is a fear about a specific thing or situation. Persons with phobia avoid a particular thing or situation that makes them anxious.


  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder


In this condition, a person feels irrational thinking and reacts to abnormal behavior.


  • Illness anxiety disorder


This condition is about health. A person feels anxious about health issues.


  • Separation anxiety disorder


This condition is about fear of leaving your loved ones or your home.


  • Post-traumatic anxiety disorder


A person who goes through a traumatic situation gets this condition.




If you feel sudden fear, nervous, afraid of something. Cannot control your shaky legs and rapid heartbeat and you are not aware that these are some symptoms of anxiety disorder.


The most common anxiety symptoms are:


  • Restless feeling
  • A feeling of danger, fear, panic
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Excessive sweating
  • Weak and tired feeling
  • Sleep trouble
  • Trouble in concentrating


Other than above some people get panic attacks, nightmares, fearful thoughts, and uncontrollable feelings.



The main cause of anxiety is not discovered yet. But some of the basic causes are,


  • Environment:


Some personal issues of life, difficulties in a relationship, family issues, and home environment is a big cause of anxiety disorder in some cases.


  • Genetics


If your other family members had an anxiety disorder you are more prone to get it by genetic.


  • Health condition:


Health conditions like heart disease and medications are also a cause of anxiety disorder.


How to diagnose anxiety?


Anxiety diagnosis through some physical examination and, if needed doctor suggest some blood and urine tests to determine any other underlying causes.

Your doctor will determine your condition after asking some questions about your symptoms. The doctor may also ask about medications that you are using like Waklert 150 mg cognitive enhancer or about your family history.

Once your doctor diagnoses your condition they will suggest you some treatments according to your mental condition.



Anxiety disorder is treated by psychotherapy, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy. You may visit mental health centers such as Bellwood Health Services to know more about these anxiety treatments. It depends on your condition. Psychotherapy is considered much effective treatment for anxiety. If you cannot feel any improvement with therapy doctor suggests some medication improves your mental health. Some anxiety medications include zunestar 3mg, Hypnite 2 mg are helpful medicines to treat anxiety disorder. The medicine helps to maintain some mental and physical disorders.




Some lifestyle changes also help you to prevent anxiety disorder,


  • Don’t take too much cola, tea, caffeine, and chocolate.
  • Take regular sleep.
  • Take a healthy diet.
  • Avoid recreational drugs, alcohol, and cannabis.
  • Exercise daily
  • Do yoga
  • Stay active


Bottom line:


Anxiety is just a mental condition. A person who suffers from anxiety should consult a doctor immediately. Because if not treated on time, it will impact your physical and mental health.


It is important to know the difference between normal anxiety and anxiety disorder.


You should keep an eye on your symptoms. As early you identify it can be treated by simple lifestyle changes. If not treated on time it gets worse day by day.


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