Hot Stock Tips for the End of 2021


While there are plenty of things to think about at this time of year, with the holidays coming, it’s easy to put off some of the most important jobs. But getting caught up in the festive season and neglecting your finances could lead to you missing out on some great opportunities.


As the year draws to a close, it’s only natural that some people will be thinking of their future plans and wanting to ensure their financial security. For many people, the ease and convenience of online trading has provided a means to invest in the stocks they wanted to back while managing their portfolios themselves at the touch of a button.


Low-interest rates have made it hard for savers to find bank accounts offering good interest rates, and years of fluctuating house prices have changed the perception of property as a fail-safe investment. Instead, savvy investors are making the most of the wealth of information available online to research their own investments in the hope of making their savings work for them.


There have been a lot of exciting trends when it comes to the stock market, with many new sectors emerging and gaining a lot of traction. Some of these are modern takes on traditional businesses and others are completely new and warrant a little more research.





You may have heard tales of people mining for Bitcoin and making millions but the world of cryptocurrencies can be confusing if you don’t understand the basics. Cryptocurrencies are virtual, digital currencies that are secured on a network of computers.


Cryptocurrencies rely on organisational structures called blockchains that allow every transaction to be verified and logged. Cryptocurrencies can be traded in the same way that any other currencies can, and there are several different types to choose from.


The first cryptocurrency to make the headlines was Bitcoin, but plenty of others have joined the market, making it a competitive area for investment. Those who haven’t invested in cryptocurrencies before will find a wealth of information about the various different types available.


Because they are a relatively new investment option, there isn’t enough data about cryptocurrencies to justify investing more than a small percentage of your total in them. However, a new market such as this is often subject to dramatic fluctuations that can see investors double or treble their investments in a short period of time.


Cryptocurrencies are accessed through a digital wallet in the form of a software programme that allows users to store and protect their cryptocurrencies. These are protected by digital keys and users can access the details of their accounts whenever they want, allowing them to keep a close eye on their investments.


Gambling websites



As one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, gaming websites have become a major player when it comes to investing for the future. Gaming sites, particularly casino games, have proved consistently popular, such as the snap poker game amongst other variations, Industry experts predicting a continual rise until 2026 when the worldwide gaming industry is expected to be worth more than 420 billion dollars.


Investors seeking an investment opportunity that has a strong track record should consider online gambling sites as new innovations and introduction of better technology that not only attract domestic players but international ones as well. While there are plenty of new websites joining the market, savvy investors will usually choose an established brand with a proven track record in the sector.


Investors can be reassured when choosing big brands such as 888 that have an established reputation and a significant number of loyal players. By continuing to innovate and prioritising the customer experience, companies such as 888 are able to secure a positive outlook in a competitive marketplace.


Renewable energy



Another global trend that has gained traction in recent months has been renewable energy. As individuals and governments make increasing efforts to focus on solar, wind and hydroelectric energy, the sector has shown steady growth over recent years, with Clearway Energy stock amongst other making significant leaps and bounds.


This renewable energy growth is predicted to continue as more efforts are made to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and focus on greener sources of energy. The global effort to decarbonize the economy has seen increasing returns on investments for those who have backed these green alternatives, but the market has not yet reached its peak, if the experts are to be believed.


Concerns about climate change have sparked an enthusiasm for socially responsible investing which is providing a boost for the renewable energy market as well. Investors that want to make responsible choices have plenty of options for investing in the future of the planet as well as providing financial growth.


Using your knowledge of ongoing trends can reduce the risk of an investment, particularly one that is backed by global governments in the way green energy is. There are several other subsidiary industries, such as waste collection and disposal; carbon capture; and sustainable food production that might also appeal to green investors.


If you are keen to get started in stocks, it can be useful to start out with small sums in relatively predictable sectors. Investors should always do their research and ensure that they have checked any company they are investing in to ensure that they are making the most of the chance to grow their savings. Furthermore, it is important that you know the difference between trading certain commodities and trading stocks as they often involve different types of strategies.


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