Top 7 Types Of Gourmet Cakes That You Can Never Say No To

Cakes are undoubtedly one of the most loved desserts in the world. These scrumptiously crumbling treats are part of every occasion, and most celebrations are dull without this masterpiece. There are so many different types of cakey treats available, and placing online cake order in Ranchi is now incredibly easy with a line of online bakeries available. The selection of the cake type depends upon the mood of the party, and for your classy up-scale affairs, gourmet cakes are the best choice. These creative cakes are a bit different from your normal ones. They are extra moist and made in very artistic ways; hence they have a very different look altogether.

The main issue arises then of what kind of gourmet cake! As we explained earlier, getting online cake delivery in Jamshedpur might be easy but making a decision on which cake you wanna celebrate your day with; is still a tricky choice. But dont worry as we will guide you through this dilemma. Keep on reading to know about the top 7 types of gourmet cakes that will be an excellent addition to your festivities, keep scrolling through!

Black Velvet

One of the most delicious cakes ever made is the black velvet cake! The dessert has a smooth texture that literally feels like velvet in your mouth and is made with pure dark cocoa powder. The dessert is not overly sweet, yet it is not absolutely bitter and paired with lip-smacking vanilla frosting; one can never get enough of it. Choose this cake for your next celebration if you are surrounded by chocolate lovers.

Satin Cake

Another delightful treat for chocolate lovers is the wonderful satin cake. The dessert looks a lot like the chocolate moose, but as the name describes, the satin-smooth texture and consistency of the cake make it better than that. The cake is covered with silky chocolate frosting for added flavour and taste that one can never say not to. Add some rum-soaked berries to the dessert to complement the true taste of the dessert.

Mudslide Cake

Looks like the entire range o gourmet cakes is designed for those who enjoy chocolates a little too much. The mudslide name is enough to explain how oozing with chocolate this particular dessert is! The cake mostly comes in a bundt shape and is filled with delicious chocolate. Sometimes, people pour mouth-watering liquid chocolate syrup on top of the cake to enhance the enjoyment one gets by devouring such an amazing treat. If you are going for this dessert as a part of your brunch, make sure to pair it up with nice fresh strawberries and blueberries. 

Newyork Cheesecake

Finally, after a train of yummy chocolate gourmet cakes, here is a cake that is for all dessert lovers, even if they are not chocolate fans. The Newyork cheesecake is different from your regular cheesecakes on so many levels, the main one being its density. This cake is full of heavy cheese cream and has a unique tangy touch to it. You can always top your cake with extra cream and fresh strawberries if that is what you like, but we suggest you first taste the cake raw and in all its glory.


Carrot And Walnut Cake

This may sound a bit weird to a lot, but carrot cakes are one the best thing ever invented. The scrumptious dessert made with veggies tastes absolutely amazing, and no one can prove otherwise. To add a little crunch to the treat, walnuts are the perfect companion to go with your veggie cake. The deliciousness of this dessert only increases with the goodness of walnuts, and trust us; you can not help but fall in love with it.


Lemon Yogurt Cake With Syrup

This cake is for all the fitness enthusiasts out there who wanna give their health routine a break but still don’t wanna let go of their diet completely. The lemon yoghurt is a spongy dessert that has the citrusy taste of lemon, all the goodness of yoghurt and, of course, a mouth-watering sweetness thanks to the delicious syrup. The interesting fact about this cake is that it is made quite dry and is made moist with the added syrup. If you wanna make the cake more healthy, go for a syrup that is made with natural sugar substitutes.


No-Bake Vanilla Cheesecake

Again, talking about one of the most loved cakes, a no-bake vanilla cheesecake is again a great alternative if you are looking after your health. This cheesecake is popularly known for its light sugary taste and crumbly consistency. So, it is the perfect gourmet dessert for those who are not big fans of extra sweet desserts. Treat yourself and your guests with FlowerAura’s cake and make your festivities extra pleasantly special. 


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