Electric head shavers: What makes them an ideal head shaving tool?

Head shaving should be a vital inclusion in the grooming regime for all bald head people. It is a common misconception that a shaved head relieves you of all the grooming and hairstyle efforts. Well, that’s partially untrue. Although a shaved head can wave off the need for using expensive haircare products or visit hair salons frequently, it does require basic care and maintenance. All the famous and good-looking bald men that you see around are most conscious of their head-shaving routine. Not just regularity, using the best head shaver along with other shaving essentials is a prerequisite. 

Unlike the past times, a shaved head is perceived to be more masculine and attractive as compared to others. We have moved past the association of baldness with shame, aging, and embarrassment. Baldness has emerged to be a common issue among the young men population and as a result, the number of bald head people is increasing significantly. As per the American Hair Loss Association, one-third of the men population is likely to experience some sort of hair loss issue by the time they turn 35. Hence, the rising number of bald head people is quite justified. In addition to this, many youngsters are willingly shaving their heads for fashion and style purposes. 

Electric head shavers: An overview 

Observing the notable change in perception and demand for bald hairstyles, various grooming brands began developing shaving tools in an attempt to ease the head-shaving experience and styling. An electric head shaver is a very recent addition to the range of grooming products for bald head people. Traditionally, shaved heads were not so popular and there was no fashion angle to it. Hence, there was no such need for advanced head-shaving tools. People used raw blades and manual razors to groom their bald heads. This led to frequent razor burns and bruises that left permanent marks on the scalp. While this never bothered the bald people in that time, it surely did matter to the people now. 

Electric head shavers came to the market in an attempt to ease the self-head-shaving experience while ensuring a cut-free shave. Since the dome-like head structure is not visible to the eyes, shaving it using a manual razor can be tricky. The rigid and sharp blades can make deep cuts on the scalp area if not handled properly. Contrary to this, an electric head shaver has an ergonomic design that is designed using smooth shave technology that gives an effortless head shave. The flexible rotary blades of these head shavers glide smoothly across the varied contours thereby giving a mess-free shave. Other key features of a modern head shaver include wet and dry shaves, LED screen display, travel lock, etc. 

Advantages of using electric head shavers

Choosing the best head shaver for a bald head is essential. You cannot expect to look good and presentable without shaving your head properly and regularly. A proper and consistent head shave requires adequate tools and resources. No matter whether you are traveling or in rush for an early morning meeting, you can’t afford to leave your head unshaved as it would make you look unpresentable and clumsy.

Such situations demand you to have an ideal head shaver that can give a quick, close, and effortless shave in minutes. There are various advantages of using an electric head shaver some of which are discussed as follows: 

  • Quick & Close shave: One of the key advantages of using a modern head shaver is that it facilitates a quick, close, and effortless head shave. Unlike manual razors, an electric head shaver has a rotary head that glides smoothly across all contours while giving a shiny scalp. Also, you don’t have to move the razor head over the same areas repeatedly for a close shave. Just one glide and you’ll be done shaving most of the hair strands. 
  • Portable & Ergonomic design: Most electric head shavers are designed ergonomically and are easy to use. It does not require any specific knowledge to operate or use it. These head shavers come in handy and have a built-in travel lock for users’ convenience. Since the modern head shaver allows for both wet and dry shaves, you don’t require additional resources such as water or a wash basin to shave your head. You can head shave anywhere you want i.e. at home, in public restrooms, or while traveling.
  • Economical: Although the upfront cost of electric head shavers is quite high, it will fetch utility in the long run. Unlike the manual head razors that require frequent replacements, an electric head shaver is likely to last for years without any breakout or lower efficiency. They continue to work at utmost efficiency while minimizing the efforts, time, and money spent on shaved head maintenance. 

Final Note 

To have a pleasant, easy, and effortless shaving experience, there’s no better alternative than an electric head shaver. These are intended for self-use purposes and give an irritation-free head shave within a few minutes. No matter whether you have sensitive skin, uneven head surface, or are getting late for work, a modern head shaver can make grooming much easier and convenient for you! 

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