Things to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

The only alternative for those who want thicker hair without undergoing surgical treatment is to use hair extensions. It’s no secret that Russian hair extensions in Melbourne are popular because of their glossy appearance and high quality. On the market, you may also find Chinese, Indian, and factory-made hair. There are differences between each of them. On the other hand, one may choose between temporary hair extensions from a few weeks to permanent ones.


Extensions are helpful for a variety of reasons. In addition to adding volume to the hair, it allows you to experiment with colour without putting chemicals on your hair or even obtain a People with poor hair development typically use it to lengthen their hair.


Before requesting an extension, several considerations must be made. A professional should always be consulted to prevent hair damage. It’s essential to make sure it doesn’t hurt or create discomfort when used.

Costs of getting an extension

If you wear extensions in Melbourne, note that these products are costly, but it is worth it as they do not harm your hair. Oiling and treating natural hair regularly might also assist. When it comes to hair extensions, there are a variety of options to choose from, including Costs for temporary and permanent integrations in Melbourne range from $300-$500 on average, with permanent integrations costing between $600-$3000 on average.

Kinds of extensions

  • It takes 60-90 minutes to apply tape-in extensions, they are typically 1.5-8 inches long wefts. When they are applied, they do not utilise heat. Each bundle of Micro Ring Extensions takes 4-5 hours to install. As a rule of thumb, the last 60-90 days can be re-used.


  • 2-4 hours are required to attach a weave using cotton threads and needles, and the process takes around 60-90 days. They give your hair a lot of volume. It’s important to remember that only specialists should remove it.


  • There are also clip-in extensions that come in 2-8 inch wefts that may be attached in 5-10 minutes. It may be placed and removed as needed, and it’s less expensive because it doesn’t stay as long.


  • Using a keratin bond with a silicone liner connected to it, Hot Fusion Extensions prevent hair from being damaged in general. These extensions can last anywhere between four and six months. However, they cannot be reused.


  • They vary from hot fusion extensions only because keratin is pre-tipped into the extension before it is fused. For 4-6 hours, these extensions can be attached, and they can endure only 2-3 hours. Because it causes hair breaking, the clamp tool should only be used on fine hair.


  • Deciding on extensions to use is as important as choosing the right shade of colour before integrating. It’s essential to know how much money you are prepared to spend and how long one must take to remove these extensions competently and at the appropriate time to avoid causing any harm.


The Russian hair extensions in Melbourne don’t cut corners, and they provide when it comes to quality. To determine which extensions are best for your hair type, it’s crucial to consult a hairstylist. Also, according to integrations, one must alter hair products such as shampoo and conditioner.


It would be best if you did not have to think before getting modifications as it will determine a great deal as to how you will look. Hair is also a crucial element that will make an impression on the other person. Also, it is always recommended to take the help of a professional to avoid messing it up even a little as it is precious and takes time to grow.

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