The Metaverse Era: Will It Replace Real-World Life?

Innovations are exciting. Thanks to striving for invention, many things from sci-fi have become real, and the metaverse is one of them. However, such disruptive technologies can also be scary as they take a lot of changes in our ordinary life. Many fear that a concept like a digital universe will fully replace real life. This can be a deal breaker for those planning to enter the metaverse as an entrepreneur as well as a user.

So, is the metaverse really the reason why people will never live a full life outside their homes? Or is it one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of the last century that will only make our life better? In order to form a final thought, let’s explore how worlds developed by a professional metaverse development company can be used by businesses/individuals and what we should expect from this concept.

Metaverse Development: The Impact on Human Life

Refreshing memory, let’s remember the metaverse definition. The metaverse is a virtual 3D world that copies most principles of the real one. In fact, there can be several metaverses, each with a particular purpose. Users can enter the metaverse in the form of 3D avatars and interact with a virtual world as well as other metaverse visitors.

So, what exactly is the metaverse needed for, and how can it affect different aspects of human life? You are welcome to find the answers below.

Extend Business to the Metaverse 

Entrepreneurs running their companies offline and online have an opportunity to scale up, develop their metaverses, or enter an existing one. For example, e-commerce companies can showcase 3D models/digital twins of some exclusive products that can be purchased for cryptocurrency in their metaverse shop. 

The metaverse also provides capabilities targeted at improving customer experience. Thanks to VR/AR technologies, fashion brands’ clients can try on clothes, accessories, and even makeup products online. Also, effective presentation methods like VR 3D configurators, walkthroughs, and the like increase a company’s credibility affecting the client’s final purchase decision. 

Work in the Metaverse

Since the pandemic took over the planet, many companies have turned to remote work. However, it’s not enough for some processes to communicate via Zoom and execute tasks in the home office isolation. Thus, companies like Meta and Microsoft develop their metaverse working spaces where all the team members can get together and have a unique working experience.

In the form of 3D avatars, your team can conduct meetings in any environment, be it a beach or space station, ​​encouraging your colleagues to be creative and open. In addition, specialists can use AR/VR tools to work on product design and create prototypes, making changes in real-time. All these and even more capabilities can increase a company’s productivity and effectiveness of the remote working process. 

Entertainment Services in the Metaverse

Do you remember how challenging was the time when all the malls, cinemas, and clubs were closed during the pandemic? Fortunately, the metaverse solves this kind of problem. Nowadays, people can stay home but still don’t miss any fun. In a virtual world, it’s possible to go to the movies, hang out with friends, attend concerts, and play games — almost anything a person can do in a physical world.  

Some people may be worried that having an option to live a digital life will replace our social life in the real world. On the contrary, it helps stay connected to the entire world, no matter what happens outside. By entering the metaverse, businesses can no longer be worried they would have to close and lose money if another pandemic happens again. It’s similarly useful for people who don’t want to lose their ordinary ways of entertainment.

Education in the Metaverse

In order to progress, a person should learn the entire life, and the most common way to do this is using the internet. Starting from elementary school to working for some company, modern people can educate remotely. Yet, what can we say about the efficiency of such a method? 

The learning pyramid principle shows us that listening to lectures and watching videos are passive learning methods from which a person can absorb only 5-20% of the information. While on the other hand, the actual practice is active learning, allowing people to remember 75% of the received information. Thus, companies like Program-Ace develop educational metaverse programs to give people practical experience, be it school lessons, professional courses, or corporate training.

Metaverse Services

As an extension of the physical world, the metaverse provides users with more convenient ways to get usual services from various sectors. For example: according to an Accenture report, 8 in 10 healthcare executives expect the metaverse to impact the healthcare industry positively. 

Using AR/VR technologies, telemedicine services reached a new efficiency level so that patients can get better remote treatment. Doctors can even see patients’ veins with the help of modern AccuVein technology.

To Summarize

Despite all the concerns and anxiety before significant changes in our life, the metaverse can’t be considered a real-life replacement. Instead, the metaverse is a helpful extension of the physical world, allowing people to stay at a normal pace of life, develop faster, and get services on a higher level. 


As a result, businesses have an opportunity to scale up, be more capable of managing risks, and bring more value to the entire humanity. So, are you ready to enter the metaverse?

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