The incredible Gabba

Brisbane Cricket Ground, better known as The Gabba, is one of the most important cricket grounds from all over the world. It also hosts lots of other disciplines, for which it is also possible to make bet sports on 1xBet, which are loved by Australians. Some interesting matches that are regularly played at this venue belong to:


  • football;
  • Australian football;
  • rugby;
  • and of course, cricket.


This place has been enlarged and upgraded on numerous occasions. Also, it is expected to be the main venue of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics. When this event comes, there will be many chances to make a sports bet on 1xBet, while following some top-class sports.

A legendary cricket venue

By the end of the 19th century, the site where The Gabba currently sits had its first official cricket match. Obviously, no stadium existed back then. However, since this place seemed to be quite convenient for this sport, it was decided to build a multipurpose venue on it. Of course, most of the time it is still used as a cricket venue. It regularly hosts important matches, which are at 1xBet online cricket betting sites, including T20I, Test-matches, and more.


The Sheffield Shield is one of the most traditional cricket championships played in Australia. It was played for the first time back in 1931. Most of its matches were played at the venue.


Also in 1931, The Gabba received its first Test-match ever. It faced Australia and South Africa, two squads frequently available at the online cricket betting sites like 1xBet, and the locals were the winners. The matches took place between November 27 and December 3 of 1931, and Australia won by 163 runs.

Some great matches

Throughout its history The Gabba has seen lots of epic matches in cricket and other disciplines. For example, back in 2016, it was the first Australian venue to ever host a T20I match. This contest faced Australia and South Africa one more time. And again, the hosts were the winners by five wickets in a contest celebrated on the 6th of March of that year. Additionally, lots of ODI matches, which also are at, have been played at this venue.


A particularly epic moment was seen at The Gabba back in 2010. During The Ashes celebrated in that year a great record was broken. This was done by Australian player Michael Clarke, who scored 259 runs in a single innings. The prior record holder was Australian legend Alastair Cook, who had set it many years prior.


For now, it seems that The Gabba will continue being an important cricket venue. The Australian team, present at 1xBet, continuously chooses this stadium alongside other grounds in different cities throughout the country.

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