How to Use TikTok: A Basic Guide for Beginners

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Addison Ray, and for that, you have TikTok to thank. 

But what is TikTok, and how does TikTok work? Popularized in 2020, TikTok is the new Vine, YouTube, and Instagram all rolled into one.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, using TikTok is easy. However, you need to learn a few valuable tips to get the maximum enjoyment out of the app. 

If you want to know how to use TikTok, read on for a simple guide. 

Getting Started 

The first thing you’ll see when you open TikTok is a video playing. To skip to the following video, scroll up on the screen. 

This screen is called the ‘for you page’ (or FYP), and it’s filled with content that you might like. At the top of the screen, you can toggle between the FYP or accounts you’re following. To follow a creator, click on the plus symbol on their profile picture. 

Like other social media platforms, when you’re using TikTok, you can like, share, or leave comments on videos. 

And that’s all there is to it; an endless scrolling platform of funny, educational, and informative short videos. 

Creating Content 

Once you’ve spent a while browsing other content creators’ work, you may want to create your own. TikTok videos are easy to make, and anyone can do it. 

However, as more people begin to create, you’re unlikely to go viral unless you make high-quality content. 

To create a video, press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and record your shot. You can add effects, filters, upload your own pictures, and speed the video up or down. 

For maximum likes, you should always add a trending sound to your videos if possible. 

Growing Your Account

One of the benefits of TikTok is the exposure it gets you. Every video created will be shown to a certain amount of people. Then, based on the feedback from viewers, the TikTok algorithm will choose whether to continue displaying the video on the FYP. 

You’ll find that once your video has a few likes, the rest will start to pour in. If you need some help to get your account off the ground, you can use websites to get likes on TikTok for a small fee. 

A great way to get more exposure is to stitch or duet other established content creators’, effectively associating your account with theirs. 

If you’re feeling confident, try going Live and seeing how many people are interested in what you have to say. 

How to Use TikTok: A Simple Guide 

That’s a simple, straightforward guide on how to use TikTok. Whether you haven’t downloaded the app or you’re looking at it blankly, this guide should help get you started. 

If you’re ready to be a TikTok star, the world is ready for you, so it’s time to get creating!  Did you enjoy this article? If so, make sure to check out our other posts for more informative articles. 

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