How To Make An Explainer Video – Tips For Success!

Explainer videos are great for e.g. Word of mouth, SEO & branding. Here are a few tips which set you on the right path from making your first explainer video from Start To Finish to making a follow-up!

What is an Explainer Video?

Make an Explainer Video as a marketing service to increase awareness. In today’s digital age, almost everyone has a phone! When conducting a professional explainer video, you’ll need to consider the purpose. If it is an educational video for your website, blog, book, etc., you might include all the necessary information in one quick clip for viewers to enjoy. If it is a promotional video for your clinic or business, you want to introduce the service or product that the company offers. With all of these content needs in mind, it’s time to create the animation layout.

How to Get an Idea

The obvious first step to figuring out how to make an explainer video is to brainstorm ideas. Get some legal permits if you’re not sure whether or not your idea will be too risqué for YouTube. Make sure there isn’t already a similar product on the market if your idea is one that empowers users – you want to be different but rare! Be sure that your personality shines through in your video!

Seven Tips for Making a Successful Explainer Video

Your range of the priority given to the success range of your explanation video and has a direct influence on how you can be successful. The seven things that you should include in your explicable video are data, reasoning, inspiration, best practice, outcomes, and results. Explainer videos are used everywhere to educate your audience on a complicated topic. Many define it as any video that is created to explain, show, prove, or teach something helpful for people. The best example of an explainer video is a recipe video on YouTube! To make a successful explainer video, you need the following:

Side Hustle Ideas for Explainer Videos

Most businesses require a lot of work and involvement to be off the ground. There is a lot happening behind the scenes that people don’t typically see. Step 1: Explain what your company does through an explainer video. It helps people see what you have to offer as soon as they land on your website. Explainer videos don’t need to be fun and games. They can be as serious as they want to be and provide benefits such as insurance, coaching, or even vocational services.


The power and impact of a great explainer video is undeniable. They clarify and simplify complex concepts in an engaging way, which can help to increase your website traffic. It is true that well-timed introduction videos are key to the success of your online marketing campaign. As with anything in life, understanding what you’re doing is half the battle. Read on for the basics behind single-channel explainer videos!

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