How Many Languages Could A Child Actually Learn?

Attempting to learn a new language can be difficult and heartbreaking as an adult. But why can a child do it with much ease?

The straightforward answer is a child can learn multiple languages, as it is easy to master a broad array of dialects. However, the number of languages a child can learn simultaneously will depend on various factors. 

This article will shed light on the factors that determine how many languages your child can learn:

Amount of Exposure 

The amount of exposure to different languages you give your child will play a huge role in their everyday learning. The amount of exposure to multiple tongues will also depend on your goal.

Do you want the child to be fluent in multiple languages or grasp enough to help understand a conversation? Systematic exposure is more imperative than how much time you expose your child to certain dialects. 

Most importantly, remember that your child’s brain doesn’t work on quantity but on quality. Therefore, regular and systematic exposure will include introducing your child to stable users of different languages. 

For instance, you can expose your child to a language like German through videos or reading material for a consistent period. Additionally, you can introduce the child to other kids who speak a different dialect from yours. The baby will grasp different sounds within a short time and exposure. 

Have the Right Learning Resources

You must set yourself up with the right language-learning tools and activities. Video lessons, books, cartoon programs, games, and play-based activities can be beneficial.

For instance, in your routine, introduce bedtime stories for kids. Often, children want their loved ones to read bedtime stories to them, and then you can use this opportunity to teach them a new language. 

If you’re reading bedtime stories written in French, ensure the child grasps every sound and flow of the language before they fall asleep. In addition, introduce a tutor or video lessons to them so they can hear the accent of a native speaker.  

Set a Language Fluency Goal

People learn a second language for different purposes. Introducing your child to French or Mandarin will shape them for future pursuits. It’s also the best way to share the heritage language of your family. Know what language to focus on the most and help the child learn easily.

Have Fun with New Languages

The time you invest in teaching your child a new language is imperative. A child will grasp three or more languages if they are willing to learn. However, don’t overwork the child as you focus on fulfilling this goal. 

Find time for fun and take this opportunity to introduce activities with the newly learned languages. If you’re into bedtime stories, let the child read available books in different languages or even read to their siblings. 

Raising a “Diplomatic” Child  

It is possible to raise a multilingual kid. A child can learn three or more new languages. At first, it can be more effortful, but if you’re consistent and having fun, your child will find it exciting to learn multiple languages. Feel free to utilize the available resources to help the child learn stress-free. 

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