Great Physical Therapy Treatments to Help With Degenerative Disk Disease

There are a variety of great treatments using physical therapy in Norman, OK, that help with degenerative disk disease. Living with pain is exhausting and debilitating, but finding relief is possible and might be easier than you think.

How To Live With DDD

A visit to the doctor confirmed your suspicions that the aches and pains in your back were from more than just work and chores. The joints in your spine have started to break down, and you have been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. You ask your doctor: now what? Physical therapy could be an excellent option for finding relief from pain and gives you guidance on what you can do for yourself or someone you care for.

It is important to know that you are not alone on this journey to better health. By signing up for physical therapy near Oklahoma City, you can connect with specialists who can help you overcome mental barriers at the beginning of treatment. You can find help on your way to wellness by building a plan that works for you.

Top PT Exercises That Help

All degenerative disk disease treatments done with therapists should be individualized according to your needs and abilities, but there are some fundamentals that anyone can try. Here are some great physical therapy exercises to help with degenerative disk disease.

Stretching To Relieve Pain

A variety of stretches can be used for the neck and back. The most appropriate types are determined by your condition and can change throughout treatment. These will increase your flexibility and circulation.

Increasing Core Strength

Exercises that target your core help to strengthen your back and build muscle. These can include working with large exercise balls or doing wall pushups. Focusing on your core also promotes good posture that can relieve back pain.

Doing Aerobic Activities for Mobility

Increasing range of motion and mobility through aerobic activity is essential for managing the effects of degenerative disk disease. These can be done with your therapist or in an outside setting whenever possible. Options include:

  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Walking

Aerobic activities can be fun therapy and are safest when done with others. Walking on the treadmill with your favorite therapist can be nice, but so can swimming with your cousin at the local recreation center or taking a bike ride in your neighborhood.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for DDD

Pain is never a welcome member of the family, and living with the aches from degenerative disk disease is difficult. Using physical therapy for pain relief benefits you by strengthening your core and back muscles and increasing flexibility, mobility and circulation, which provide more nutrients and oxygen to damaged areas.

The benefits of active therapy help keep your mind focused on getting better. Progressing through treatment is as helpful to the mind as pain relief is to the back.

Research physical therapy for back pain near me if you are ready to begin a journey of wellness. You can start the process to be pain-free today.

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