Can Indians Trade Directly From TradingView?

Want to trade efficiently and maximize your returns? How about acquiring knowledge of markets and techniques to trade seamlessly for amplifying your profits? Explore the TradingView platform and facilitate your trading journey.  

TradeView is one of the best charting platforms used by more than 30M traders and investors across the globe. Millions of traders have generated wealth tremendously by spotting opportunities through the TradingView platform. 

Gone are those days when Indian traders could not place trades directly with TradingView. Indian traders can now effortlessly make direct trades using TradingView. All thanks to India’s leading online trading platform, Dhan, which has spread its wings and deepened its partnership with TradingView. 

This article will give you deep insights into Dhan, and TradingView partnership and the benefits traders can avail of with their collaboration.  

How Will Direct Trading from TradingView be a Boon For Indian Traders?

Did you ever think that being an Indian, you could trade directly from TradingView? Now, you can elevate your level as a trader by actively participating in community and conversation supported in the TradingView web platform. 

TradingView is one of the best platforms allowing traders, investors, and educators worldwide to connect, share ideas, and talk about the market, and commodities. 

It is an ideal charting platform for technical analysis and research for active traders. Besides being offered in a web-based version, the platform also comes as a separate app for Android and iOS. 

The best part about TradingView is that it is ideal for newbies, intermediaries, or seasoned traders & investors. In addition, this social networking platform is where market enthusiasts share custom scripts and let traders gain deep insights into the current market price trends and future moves.

So, everything you love about TradingView is now directly integrated with one of the leading Indian stock trading apps, Dhan. 

Let’s dive in to know some of the incredible features that will enhance every Indian trader’s experience by letting them directly trade from TradingView with Dhan: 

1. Pine Script & Community Script:

Traders get access to all Pine Script libraries and more than 1,00,000 Community Scripts. 

2. Access to Pine Editor:

Get seamless access to Pine Editor, allowing you to trade directly without human intervention.

3. Bar Replay:

You need to click on the historical bar to select the starting point of your playback and watch at user-defined speed. 

4. Stock Screener

The tool is available for all traders and investors to select their favorite stocks from different stocks available in the market. 

5. Multiple Indicators

You get access to various technical indicators to help you identify signals and trends within the market. 

When Did Dhan and TradingView Collaborate?

TradingView and Dhan formed the partnership in December 2021 to provide users seamless trading and charting experience driven by the latest technology and backed by impeccable customer service. 

Dhan empowered Indian traders by allowing them to trade directly from TradingView. It has developed a robust relationship with TradingView broker. The sole purpose of Dhan was to provide traders access to its primary product, ‘Connect to Trading Panel,’ which will help Indians to trade directly on TradingView. 


Dhan is the only Indian broker allowing you to connect broker to TradingView and trade directly from India through the TradingView platform. No other Indian broker will enable you to do so. The emerging Stock Investing and Trading App- Dhan, is aspiring to look for more synergies with TradingView. 

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