How do your eyes respond to stress?

Stress affects our mental and physical health. We all feel stressed about something or the other. It is normal for our body to give up to excessive workload and family or financial problems. But,  did you know that stress also impacts your ocular health?

Everybody has problems and we all get overwhelmed by them. But, being stressed for a long time can trigger depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines and vision changes.

When we get stressed over something, it triggers high levels of adrenaline in the body thereby increasing the pressure on our eyes and leading to blurred vision. Although stress-related visual disturbances are temporary and go away when you are no longer stressed. In case this doesn’t happen, see an optometrist to know the underlying cause and treat the problem from its root.

What happens when you are stressed?

When your body is stressed, your pupils will dilate to enhance your vision. This occurs as a part of your body’s natural defence mechanism to identify potential threats. However, when you are anxious, it puts extra pressure on your eyes which hampers your vision.

People are not aware of the fact that stress affects their visual health as well. Based on the severity and duration of the stress, you may feel mild vision-related symptoms or severe sight loss.

This is why it’s always best to consult a professional about changes in your vision. If you are no longer stressed and still the problems persist, take a free eye test from the NHS to know what’s exactly causing the mess.

Depending on how your body reacts to stress, you may feel some or maybe all of the following symptoms.

  • Eye twitching
  • Blurred vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dry eyes or watery eyes
  • Eye floaters

If you don’t have a pre-existing medical condition, giving proper rest to your eyes, doing stress-relieving exercises, eating healthy and taking medication will lower your stress and ease your symptoms.

In some severe cases, you will need to go and take expert opinion. If you don’t have a free eye test from the NHS, you may take the help of eyewear companies such as Specscart. They have the best and most experienced opticians in Walkden and Bury at their local stores and they offer free eye tests to every UK resident.

If your eyes need vision correction, your physically demanding lifestyle can take an extra toll on your eyes. Make sure that you are wearing the right protective gear and make subtle lifestyle changes to embrace better days ahead. Get your perfect eyewear  on contact lenses uk.

What’s digital eye strain?

It’s not only your lifestyle and financial problems that trigger stress and cause troubles with your eyes. Your digital screens are equally responsible for draining out your eyes and inducing vision-related problems.

Living in a world driven by technology, we just cannot escape our screens. However, sticking to your devices for long hours can deteriorate your eye health and worsen your eyesight over time.

Wearing blue light glasses lowers the effect of blue light on our eyes. The specialised lenses block the blue waves that try to penetrate our eyes when we are looking at a digital screen. You can find good-quality blue light blocking glasses in the UK at affordable prices from your local optician or an online eyewear store.

How to reduce stress-related vision problems?

The easiest way to bring relief to your eyes is to get rid of the stress. We know it’s easier said than done but knowing what makes you feel better when you are stressed will definitely do the job.

Maybe you want to discuss the problem with your friends or family. Or maybe you just need to have a good vacation or meet new people. Do whatever’s on your radar to cheer yourself up.

Speaking of how you can get rid of vision problems, eat healthy and sleep well. Doing this for one or two days won’t make a difference. You have to embrace positive lifestyle changes and adopt these good habits for a lifetime. Sometimes these vision issues could be an indication of a changing prescription. Make annual trips to your optician and know the latest details about your eye health.

Wear glasses with protective coatings to shield your eyes from the bad lights. If you think that it would cost you a fortune, you are wrong. You can still find affordable glasses in the UK with an anti-reflective and anti-blue light coating. Search your nearby eyewear stores or look up the internet.

Do eye exercises to relieve eye pain and take medications as recommended by your doctor. In case you don’t notice any improvement in your symptoms, contact your eye doctor and look into the matter. Do not leave your vision issues untreated.

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