Find Your Calm: How to Create a Relaxation Space in Your Home

In the wake of the pandemic, stress, anxiety, and depression are at an all-time high. And, since many people are still stuck at home, it’s easy to feel trapped in a pit of despondency. 

However, your home doesn’t have to be the cause of more stress. You can make your house into a relaxation space where you can leave all your stress behind. In this article, we’ll be going over all the ways you can build an oasis of peace in your house.

Read on to learn how to do it! 

Create a Dedicated Relaxation Space

Studies have shown that clutter and disorganization can cause subconscious stress, even if you don’t consciously register it. For that reason, you should create a relaxation space in a small room that you will always keep organized. If you go in there to unwind but have to share the space with a pile of dirty clothes, it won’t be as relaxing as it could be.

In addition, you should only use that space for relaxation. The more overlap you have, the more difficult it will be to unwind. For instance, if you have a room that you use for your home office and your relaxation space, it will be difficult for your brain to learn to unwind in that area.

If you have a small apartment and can’t make a dedicated relaxation room, it’s best to put your relaxation space in your bedroom. This will help create a soothing room for both unwinding and sleeping.

Set the Mood

Nothing ruins your relaxation like harsh lighting. Allow your eyes to rest by creating mood lighting with soy candles and more. You can also use salt lamps, fairy lights, and other peaceful light fixtures. 

A dimly lit room will help your eyes to relax after long sessions of reading or working on your computer. It can also help you avoid headaches and other symptoms caused by eye strain.

In addition, you can compile a playlist of relaxing music to help you unplug. Then, you can decorate your room with plants for stress and soothing wall art. Having plants can help reduce stress and make you feel more at ease while wall art and calming paint colors can help you feel more relaxed. 

Leave Your Phone Outside 

Even if you aren’t actively on your phone, just having it with you can make you stressed out. You might worry about notifications, emails, or your social media accounts. Leave all these worries at the door and keep your phone outside the room. 

If you need your phone to play relaxing music, put it in airplane mode, turn on the music, and tuck it away out of sight. Your relaxation space should be a technology-free space to turn your focus inward. 

Take the Time and Space to Unwind

If you live a busy, hectic life, you run the risk of burning out and sacrificing your health for your job. A relaxation space is a great way to avoid spreading yourself too thin by taking the time to care for yourself. It doesn’t have to be big or complicated, even the simplest and smallest space can change your life.

Follow these tips to create the perfect place to unwind and you’re sure to notice an improvement in your mental health. For more lifestyle advice, check out our blog! 


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