Discount Discussions: Does DVC Resale Get Discounts?

At one time, Disney was the only animator who had the patent for Technicolor. During this time, all other animations were in black and white. 

Whether you’re a fan of Mickey or Belle, Disney has something for everyone. If you’re a Disney enthusiast then you might be curious about DVC resale. 

Do you get discounts with this or not? Read this guide to find out more about DVC resale including what’s included and what’s not!

Disney DVC Resale vs Direct Purchases

First, when comparing the resale timeline for DVC, the cost is the biggest difference. When you choose resale pricing, you can save a large amount compared to direct prices. Whether you’re looking at the Animal Kingdom Resort or Hilton Head, Disney’s direct pricing tends to cost more. 

Keep in mind that all residential property listings under the DVC resale market are negotiable. If you’re not sure how much to pay, a DVC representative can help. 

When you buy a DVC contract you’ll still receive a membership with a number of points. The number of points is allotted each year. 

If you buy DVC at any of the resorts then you’ll receive the same usability as direct buyers. This includes using points, banking, and borrowing at these resorts. 

Owners can rent their points as well. This can offset different vacation costs such as cruises. A representative can help you with any of these questions that you might have. 

The Benefits of Buying DVC Directly

If you buy from Disney directly, then you can use your vacation points for all current Disney Vacation Club Resorts. You’ll also enjoy different membership extras as well. 

If you buy from DVC resale listings, you can only use vacation points for reservations at your home resort, the world collection, or the riviera resort. You can only use your points at the riviera resort if it’s your home resort. 

How DVC Resales Work

You’ll be able to buy contracts for less money. This is where you buy it from the person who owns it instead of from Disney directly. 

This can occur for different reasons. DVC resales are from regular people who decide that they don’t need it anymore.

Disney doesn’t always buy someone’s contract back and then they feel stuck with it. Those who own a DVC property might then decide to contact a broker or sell their property on their own. 

Is It Safe?

Yes! As long as you’re going through a trustworthy site then it can be safe. It can be sold by the owner or a real estate agent. 

Many companies will work with Disney directly to ensure that the listing is verified. The entire process will be legal and smooth in order to make sure that you’ll receive the property that you’re advertised. 

What Are the Benefits?

Many of the points are cost-prohibitive which means most people won’t be able to access them anyway. It’s normally a better option to pay by cash. When using points, you can spend them at the different Disney Club Properties. 

Next, resale tends to cost less. When you do a comparison between the benefits of buying directly and buying from the resale, you’ll see that the resale process is a better option.

Obtaining Restaurant Discounts

While Disney talks about all of the major perks of buying property through them, it can be similar to the Annual Pass discounts. Many Walt Disney World establishments offer this discount, and you can enjoy them at more locations than just as a DVC direct owner. 

Having an Annual Pass is a good idea to fully enjoy the park. Consider buying a Tables in Wonderland card in order to receive 20% off of alcohol and your meals. Keep in mind that it’s only available to Florida residents, DVC members, and annual pass holders. 

Merchandise Discounts

DVC members can enjoy token discounts on merchandise. This can mean 10-20% off of different merchandise. At the end of the day, many Annual Pass holders can enjoy more discounts than those who are owners. 

By going with a resale contract, you can use that money that you saved toward an annual pass. Then you can enjoy the numerous benefits that you thought were only available for DVC buyers. 

Ticket Discounts

You can check out different Disney discounts that can even be better than those for DVC buyers. Makes sure that you read the terms and conditions.

Certain programs don’t allow park hopping while others do. Find out whether you can add the Park Hopper during your trip. 

The Number of Points To Buy Has Increased

In order to have a Blue Membership Card, Disney has raised the necessary amount of points when you buy from them directly. Keep in mind that current members can still qualify under their existing membership.

In the past, it was a 25 point minimum. In 2018, they raised the minimum, then in 2019, and then again in 2021. Under the full member benefits when you buy, you can enjoy the Member’s Lounge at Epcot, shopping discounts, Disney cruises with your vacation points, access to the Gold Annual Pass, and much more. 

Understanding if You Still Receive Discounts With the DVC Resale

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what discounts you can still enjoy with the DVC resale. Take your time deciding if buying directly through Disney or the resale process is right for you.

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