Asymmetry and abstractions: A complete guide for crazy pavers

Interlocking or slabbing for the outdoors is one of the easiest ways to give the exterior a finishing touch. It is also the simplest method to maintain the outdoors clean and comfortable. Different types of pavers are available in the market. A wide variety of materials is used to make blocks and slabs for paving. It includes brick, porcelain, marble and rubber. Another trend of the paving of the time is crazy paving which is arranged by using the collection of natural stones. Check out the important facts on the crazy paving, which should not be missed!

What is crazy paving, and where does it suit well? 

It is also known as flagging stones. Flagging stones usually have uneven variations of thickness. They also have a natural crack finish on them. This paving is designed absolutely for people who love asymmetry and abstractions. As the name suggests, it is all about paving the stones with the craze. Here, crazy-look flagstones are assembled outdoors without following a strict pattern. Stones would have irregular shapes and size. They are arranged together to create beauty in inconsistency. 

This paving could be used for patios and driveways. Sydney sandstone is the most prominent flagging stone pavers. This kind of paving is also available in materials like porphyry, bluestone and sandstone.

This beautiful asymmetry suits well for terrace and patios. It gives a pleasant retro feel to buildings. It has an awesome combination with dichondra plants which creates a beautiful landscape. 

Pros of flagging stones:

-Flagstones are unique and beautiful as they are naturally formed. This is the first advantage of flagstones. One design could not be reproduced again exactly as it is. 

– It is non-slipping and durable. This makes it the best option for flooring. Its durability is more than concrete pavers. 

– Its various sizes and shapes offer the opportunity to create any pattern the house owner wants. It will give a finishing touch to any landscape. 

-Stones can collaborate with other stones too. 

Now take a look at how crazy paving is laid;

The easiest and perfect way to lay flagstone is by contacting professionals. They use the tools and techniques to adhere to them. For example, if it is to be laid in a foot traffic area, flexible glue should be used to stick the stones onto the concrete slab. A concrete slab is necessary, or else sand cement screed will do the same. Only with slab pavers can glue the stones. The type of glue will change according to the area chosen to pave. Professionals recommend paving at least 3square metres. It is to get a detailed look at the visual designs and patterns. Mixing colours and shapes to the most possible will give the best look.

Using natural stones for paving is always the best because they will last for years. The colour will improve with time naturally, and the results are incredible. There are many variations for its subtle colours and unique shapes. No two pieces will be the same, so that no two pavings will be the same. These flagstones are more frost resistant. Since it is produced not by man-made process, it is easier to clean and take care of. There is no need to mention that this paving is environmentally friendly. There is no involvement of CO2 and high temperature as in the manufacturing of the concrete. It is a little more expensive than the concrete but adds more value to the entire building. 

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