888casino Online Sees $1.1 Million Winner from Fifteen Cents in Jackpot Game

Have you ever hit the jackpot? 

Immediately, the exhilaration and surprise take your body over.  They shoot a wave of energy from your hands to the top of your head. Then it runs all the way down to your toes and shoots out the bottom of your feet as if you were the Ironman taking off and pushing away from the Earth in your new superhero suit for the very first time. The heat grows in your cheeks and you realize that you feel embarrassed with all the excitement,  but you still cannot contain what you feel when those runway lights and those bells began to ring and the tokens begin to fall to signify all the wealth that you have recently acquired.

What Would it Feel Like to Win Big at 888casino?

Now imagine that you just rolled out of bed on the second day of the new year.  A new year that you had dreamed of and hoped for so long. A new year that could pull you and the rest of the world out of the drain of the previous year that was 2020. So it’s 10:30 am on the second day of the welcomed new year and you’ve got a brand new subscription to an online casino called 888casino. You notice as you log in for the first time after signing up that 888casino offers all first-time patrons of the real money online casino a free $20 player’s incentive bonus to play on whichever one of the virtual casino games you like in the online casino.

You decide there is no time like the present and begin to scroll and sift through the hundreds of various games that 888casino has to offer.  The live casino looks enticing and would be fun to play a hand or two of online blackjack or baccarat online with a real dealer and a few other real humans that are probably also still in their bathrobes with their morning coffee next to them getting a little cold since they logged in to 888casino floor. It sounds like a ton of fun for 10 am, but you keep clicking through the pages of casino gaming available.

Find the Perfect Gaming Match for You

You keep scrolling a bit entranced by the dazzling emerald green and multi-colored tones of the website. It really does feel like you are walking through the actual casino as you scroll through the pages of games. You scroll past the card and table games section and through the rows of video poker which usually suits you perfectly. You bypass the regular online slots pages until you finally settle your click on the perfect play for your January 2nd, 10 am sensibilities: Jackpots!

When you click into the Jackpots section of 888casino NJ, you are greeted with more Jackpots than a human could possibly imagine playing in a lifetime. So many different kinds of jackpots:

  • Daily Jackpots
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Pooled Jackpots

Oh my!

You can’t decide which to choose so you close your eyes, circle your mouse round and round until your hand comes to a quick stop. Your eyes open and you’ve landed on the picture of the golden lamp that signifies the progressive jackpot called Millionaire Genie. You remember taking your kids to see Aladdin in the theatres back in the day and Robin Williams has always been a bit of a good luck charm (the voice of the genie in Aladdin), so you decide that you have ended up in the right pace: Millionaire Genie.

After a sip of coffee and a cinch up of your robe, you are ready to settle in and play this progressive slot until it gives you big bucks or at least a few more virtual tokens than when you started playing.

One nickel down, no good. Two nickels down, no good. The third nickel’s a good luck charm, especially with all that three wishes mumbo jumbo from the Millionaire Genie. You put all your good energy into that third nickel/wish and you let it go and play. All of a sudden the lights light and the bells begin to sing and before you know what has happened the exhilaration and surprise take over. They shoot a wave of energy from your hands to the top of your head. Then that energy runs all the way down to your toes and shoots out the bottom of your feet.




You won. Suddenly you are up on your feet, dancing around in your lime green bathrobe, the cold coffee had officially been backhanded and laid out all over the carpet to the right of the computer table, but you don’t care! You take a look back at the screen and realize you didn’t just win, but you won the MILLIONAIRE GENIE JACKPOT!

When it finally finishes totaling your winnings, the genie tells you that you have won $1.1 million dollars and from just playing fifteen cents. That wasn’t even your own money. You scream, pick up the phone to call your spouse to give them the good news, and the rest of the morning and the entire day, for that matter, is a big happy wash of emotion; complete euphoria!

The True Tale of the 888casino Million Dollar Winner

The best part about the scenario just described is that it’s a TRUE STORY. Okay, perhaps the details are shaken up and heightened for dramatic effect. However, on January 2nd, 2021 at 10:38.23 am a woman logged onto the 888casino online and with a few plays of the Millionaire genie progressive slot game and just fifteen cents, became a millionaire in a split second.

At 888casino online, anything is possible. If you are a resident of New Jersey, or select surrounding states that have legalized online gambling, you could play on the best mobile casino and become a big winner over your next morning coffee; long before Drew Carey talks spay and neutering puppies from his Price is Right pulpit or the ladies of The View get into one of their famous Tuesday lady quarrels. At 888casino NJ, you could play and win big bucks at any hour of the morning, every day of the week, right from the comfort of your very own home.

With over 1,000 different gaming options to choose from, sign up on the 888casino online platform (both a website and an app available for you to use to win) and make sure you become 888casino’s next millionaire winner today!

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