Why You Should Consider Playing Online Bingo

Do you enjoy a good evening out at the bingo hall, but have never played online bingo? Many are like you, and if you have been asking yourself if the experience could ever live up to “the real thing” you are not alone.

However, while the social element of being out with real people, meeting friends in person and feeling the atmosphere cannot quite be replaced by the online versions, there are many reasons why you should consider giving them a go.

Lucrative bingo bonuses

The possibly biggest difference between real-world and online bingo is that essentially every UK bingo site offer bonuses. This includes traditional match bonuses, where you get bonus money in your hand and can spend them as you see fit, or a set of bingo tickets, each with a set value.

This is a great way to not just get more chances to win, but be able to play much more bingo.

More variation and choices

Online bingo allows you to enjoy everything from free bingo rooms, to rooms with jackpots and everything in between. The basics are the same, but you can even get entirely different atmospheres from room to room and the ability to jump between them whenever you feel like it.

In order to have this freedom at a real-world bingo hall, you must not just be the manager but collaborate with an interior decorator. The freedom and variation online bingo offers is one of the main reasons why players keep coming back.

You can play whenever you want

If your friends don’t have the time and you feel like getting that bingo thrill, the great thing about online bingo is that it is always there. They don’t even have closing times. Early birds and night owls are always welcome. At worst, their customer support will be closed in case you have any questions and will answer a few hours later.

You can play wherever you want

It is not just a question of when you want to play, but also where. Online bingo is available wherever there is an internet connection. Playing from home is the obvious option, but you can also enjoy bingo while waiting for your bus or train to reach your destination, or even while waiting in the queue at the post office.

The only thing you must remember is that you may have issues playing your favourite UK licensed bingo sites abroad, due to having their own licenses.

There’s still a social element

Bingo players usually love to be social and bingo rooms have tried to accommodate this by adding social chats. That means you can still meet up with your friends online, join the same bingo room and let the fun continue. You can even make new friends along the way.

Of course, if you’re not feeling social you can just ignore the chat altogether, no questions asked.

You can do whatever you want

When you play at a bingo hall there are so many restrictions, either by law, general rule or just common decency. When you play from your own home, in particular, you can do whatever you want.

You can smoke, eat, play loud music or never change out of your pyjamas. The people you are playing with will never know, nor will they need to care. They can neither see you, nor hear you, and they have the same freedom you do.

Online bingo does not need to replace real-world bingo

While online bingo has a long list of advantages, you never actually have to choose between your old and new love. This is not an either-or situation. You can meet up with your friends, in person or online, whenever you want, and play bingo.

Online bingo is simply just an option to play more bingo, or not be forced to go out if you don’t feel like it, but still want that bingo thrill. It is more freedom, not less and gives you the ability to have exactly as much bingo fun as you want.

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