7 Common Roofing Problems Homeowners May Encounter

The average replacement roof can cost anywhere between $5.434 and $11,151. This is a major expense that’s not easily affordable to most homeowners. It’s therefore important that you take good care of the roof that you currently have so that it last’s for many years to come. 

Knowing what type of roofing problems to look out for will mean that you can catch them early, Roofing repairs are often less expensive when they’re done as they arise- before further damage can occur. 

But what are the most common roofing issues that you should be aware of?

In this guide, we’ll talk you through some of the things to look out for on your roof. 

  1. Your Roof is Leaking

If your roof is leaking, it could cause problems throughout your home. If it’s left to drip down for a long period of time, it could pool on your ceilings or cause dampness on your walls. It’s always best to get a roofing company out ASAP to investigate the problem. 

  1. Your Roof Has Blisters or Cracks

A regular inspection of your roof will help you spot the signs of troubles that may be brewing. Blisters and cracks in your roof could spell a serious issue in your home roofing system. Get these patched up before winter hits. 

  1. Snow or Ice Damage

The colder months of the year are not kind to roofs. If you’ve had a large amount of snow or ice sitting on your roof for a prolonged period of time, it could cause water to seep under your shingles. 

  1. You’ve Got Missing Shingles

Over time, the sealant that holds your shingles in place could wear down, causing them to slip off your roof. It’s easy to spot when a shingle has come off, but you will need to get it replaced. 

  1. You’ve Got Damaged Flashing

Flashing is usually a metal sheet that protects roof fixtures such as skylights or chimneys. If you’ve got damage to your flashing, it could cause water to seep into your home. You’ll need to get your flashing repaired or replaced or face bigger DIY bills. 

  1. Your Downspouts are Clogged

If your gutters or downspouts are blocked with leaves or other debris, it can cause water to build up. This in turn could damage the integrity of your roof or cause damp along your walls. It’s much easier to proactively unblock your gutters than to deal with the damage leaving them could cause. 

  1. You Have Pooling Water

If you have a flat roof, water can often pool on it. Over time, this will weigh down on your roof leading to damage. Have someone check your roof regularly to make sure pooling or stagnant water is not causing harm. 

Common Roofing Problems Homeowners May Encounter 

With so many common roofing problems, it’s important to keep an eye on your roof. Regular checks and proactive maintenance will save on the costs of repairing a roof. 

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