5 Common Loft Boarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Is clutter piling up? Are you overrun with precious mementos you can’t bear to part with? Don’t live with it – add extra storage space!

You can transform unusable attic or loft space into an at-home storage unit by installing loft boarding.

Loft boarding is simple, but you need to know what you’re doing! Read on to learn about five loft boarding mistakes you should avoid when undergoing your project!

  1. Poor Design

Designing your dream space isn’t easy – the structure of your house will limit what you can do with your loft or attic. Before your project can move forward, the space needs to undergo a professional structural analysis. Consider the type of roof you have, and ensure your home can safely handle added weight in the loft.

In addition, you need to decide how much space is practical. Covering your entire attic space could be a waste of money if you don’t use it. On the other hand, too little space means expanding the project later if you need more space.

Consider both your house’s design and your needs when planning your project to find a design that works without breaking your loft boarding budget!

  1. Compressing Insulation

Your insulation can only do its job of keeping a quarter of your heat inside by staying as fluffy as possible! If you compress the insulation while creating more space in lofts, you will lose a lot of energy.

Instead, you can raise the joists for your new boarding with plastic legs. Unlike what some people believe, they’re easy to install and won’t damage your home. Check out these 5 common misconceptions about loft boarding to learn more.

  1. Moving Cables

Older homes are prone to having complex mazes of wiring and plumbing in the attic, but cutting joists to move them could be dangerous. It weakens their strength and may damage the wiring as well.

For many, cables and plumbing can be a scary part of home improvement. If that’s the case for you, you don’t have to work alone. A loft boarding service can do the job for you the right way!

  1. Blocking Ventilation

Your loft is an important source of ventilation that prevents excessive heat and humidity. Blocking this will result in your energy efficiency plummetting – along with your comfort.

Part of the loft boarding process could include adding insulation or expanding the flooring. Be sure to leave soffit vents uncovered, or install baffles to keep the air moving.

  1. Endangering Light Fixtures

The ceiling underneath your attic may have downlights installed through the attic. Lights can run hot, and electrical work can fail – be sure not to cover or damage these lights during your project! Doing so creates a fire risk.

Adding covers will keep you safe and also improve your energy efficiency by creating an airtight seal.

Avoid Making Loft Boarding Mistakes

With these tips to guide you, you’re now ready to reclaim your storage space without making costly or dangerous loft boarding mistakes! Start your project today with confidence!

You can find many more helpful articles about improving your house under the home decore section of this site! Check it out now to start getting closer to your dream home!


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