5 Best Wholesale Electric Toothbrush Suppliers in USA

Toothbrushes are the most important part of our daily life to keep us away from plaque, cavities, and bacteria-like germs. Whereas we move a regular toothbrush back and forth along our teeth, so electric toothbrushes provide the same mechanism of cleaning action for you. People who use electric toothbrushes keep gum healthier than manual brush users.

They protect our teeth from less decay and also lessen gingivitis more effectively than manual brushes. These brushes contain oscillators that provide oscillation to remove more plaque from teeth.

There are thousands of suppliers and manufacturers of electric toothbrushes around the world. Let’s discuss the 5 best wholesale electric toothbrush suppliers in the USA.

1.  Relish

Shenzhen Relish Technology Co, Ltd is a professional electric toothbrush manufacturer and supplier established in 2012. It is famous for its electric toothbrush. Relish is making electric toothbrushes that contain the feature of sonic waves, auto timer, 2 to 3 Brush modes. These brushes also have UV sanitization and a battery that lasts for 6 weeks of regular brushing. Advanced electronic control and mechanical drive allow the brush to change its modes for different oral care needs. These are the main characteristics which make relish competing with other ones. One can find all oral care needs in one brush. Relish is the best supplier of electric toothbrushes all around the USA but it is also exporting their product including North America, Asia, Middle East etc.

2.  Growin

Growin is a sustainable electric toothbrush manufacturer and supplier all around the USA. It comes with eco-friendly packaging. They provide 3 replaceable brush heads and also instruction guides to follow up procedures, if its easier for you, you can also search instruction guides online at manualsnet.com. Growin provides an electric toothbrush with a different mode and strong battery which is chargeable by USB cable. Visit their store to find the best wholesale electric toothbrush.

3.  Shenzhen Junjiada Ltd

Shenzhen Junjiada Ltd is an electric toothbrush supplier and manufacturer company founded in 2004. It is a professional manufacturer of sonic electric toothbrushes. As they are special only in the manufacturing of Electric toothbrushes. They are also the supplier of toothbrushes for adults and children. They provide a complete solution including innovative product design, plastic fabrication, and also customer services. One can find the best product according to their desires at reasonable prices.

4.  AEG

AEG supplies bamboo brush head electric toothbrushes.  They are providing excellent quality, 100% biodegradable bamboo brush head, various bristles modes, and BPA free. Fast oscillating brush head for gentle and effective removal of dental plaque. And the brush contains an end-rounded shape for gentle cleaning of teeth and gums. Because of its features and high-quality AEG is the supplier of electric toothbrushes all around the USA.

5.  Hydrabrush Express

Hydrabrush express is the supplier of health care products such as electric toothbrushes all around the USA. It is the first and only toothbrush supplier company to receive the Arthritis Foundation for the ease-of-use commendation. Electric toothbrush promotes whiter teeth, fresher breath, and stronger gums, etc. Hydrabrush is an electric toothbrush that performs cleaning actions in 40 seconds or less. While it contains bite n glide brushing to cover both top and lower teeth. Besides these, it is also providing a manual which takes a little effort to figure out how to use it.

Bottom Line                        

Oral care is the daily need of every person. To remove 99% of germs stuck daily in our teeth, mouthwash, electric toothbrush, toothpaste and different other products are the crucial items. They all play almost the same role, so market demand is increasing day by day. They are easily available in wholesale marketplaces at reasonable prices. The list above mentioned will help you to choose the best place of wholesale electric toothbrushsupplier in the USA.

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