4 Important Considerations to Remember When Buying a Gym Towel

Fitness buffs are conscious not just of their physique but also their gear. Thus, when one buys gears, they always look for the best. So, naturally, one of the essential gym gears is the towel.

When buying gym towels online or at a physical store, there should be factors fitness buffs or enthusiasts need to weigh in.

In this post, learn the proper ways to choose the right gym towel from material, size, weight, softness, absorbency, and durability to score the best gym towel in the market.

Towel Material

The majority of gym towels are typically made from cotton. It is all for a good reason. Cotton, in general, is durable, comfortable and highly absorbent to sweat. In addition, cotton is a widely available material.

Cotton is also recommended for gym clothing because of its highly absorbent capability considering that working out makes a person sweat profusely. In addition, cotton’s quick-drying ability makes it less susceptible to bacteria and mildew.

However, other materials are as good as cotton. These are polyester blends, microfiber, and bamboo, which are super-absorbent and fast-drying as well.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the gym towel also matter a lot. Although duffle bags or gym bags have a lot of room to fit the essential workout gear, it would be frustrating if the towel ate a lot of space.

Thus, it would be best to identify the size and weight of the towel. Then, people can start measuring its fabric density. The thinner the towels they have, the lighter it is to carry. Heavier towels are used for heavy-duty, but it eats up a lot of space, as mentioned above.

So, it all ends up with personal preferences. People should choose a towel depending on how intense their workout would be and how much sweat they would be generating.

Softness and Comfort

Similar to clothing, people prefer their gym towels to be soft and comfortable to use. It is because they use it to wipe sweat and moisture off of their skin. Thus, it is obvious that people should choose gym towels that are soft and gentle enough for use.

With this in mind, people should invest in buying premium towels made from top-quality cotton or types of fabric that are gentle on the skin. Nevertheless, good-quality towels, including those gym towels, are always available.


Buying a gym towel that does not absorb sweat and water after a heavy workout is entirely pointless. A towel with lengthy fibres does not entirely make a towel that is good for absorbing sweat.

Thus, always consider buying a workout towel that is good enough in absorbing sweat but not that thick and heavy, which might cause bacteria buildup.

Experts suggest that gym buffs should be mindful of the detergents they use since they can affect the towel’s absorbency. It is best advised to use mild detergent when throwing the towel into the laundry machine.


When it comes to durability, fitness enthusiasts or gym buffs need to stick with reputable brands.

Although it is given that reputable brands can cost them extra dollars, they are worth the spend.

Many brands offer sporting goods such as gym towels online, while some are easily found at sports shops.

Buying the best workout towel for the daily workout grind should not be taken very lightly. Instead, people should take time and follow the tips listed above if they want to score a good-quality towel that helps them stay dry while focusing on getting fit. Always buy a gym towel that is highly absorbent, soft, and durable.

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