6 Clip in hair extensions myths busted

Do you wish you could instantly have longer, thicker hair with splendid highlights? Then using clip in hair extensions is your answer. They are the most popular hair extensions in Australia. And as they are available in a variety of colours and lengths, they offer you an extraordinary number of combinations of hairstyles to choose from.

However, a lot of myths surround the purchase, use and application of hair extensions. Read on to see why 6 of the most commonly heard opinions about extensions are just myths.

  1. “Clip-on Hair extensions are expensive.”

You may shell out more for clip-ins while buying a set of good quality ones. However, they last for a considerably long time when you take care of them well, and you will be able to get great value out of them for the price you paid. Bottom line: take good care of them. They’ll last a long time and will be the more cost-effective option out of other hair-extension types.

  1. “Extensions pull out your natural hair and damage them.”

If you apply clip-ins properly, be assured that they will not tug your hair and break them. For best results, clip them a few centimetres below the roots of your hair. Additionally, good quality extensions have a transparent silicone strip on the inside of clips, so they don’t snag your hair.


  1. “They won’t blend in with your hair.”

Good hair extension makers provide you with a range of thicknesses and textures to match your hair perfectly. By choosing the right colour, texture and length and learning to place them right, you can ensure that your extensions blend in seamlessly.


  1. “They’ll show through”

If you attach extensions correctly, they won’t show through. They will stay hidden under any condition. For instance, high-quality clip-in extensions typically come in a set of seven – 5 for the back and 2 for the front. Part your hair at the centre of your brow till you reach the crown of your head. Then, from that point, create a partition that runs up to the top of your ears on both sides. Put the two front sections away with croc clips.

Section your hair into three rows at the back and clip away the top sections with croc pins. Now that you have a bottom section of your hair, backcomb the roots of the hair to which you plan to attach the extensions. Now part your hair horizontally above your ears and attach another row of clip-ins. You can also part your hair just below the crown to secure an additional row of extensions. Finally, take a section from the front of your head, part it horizontally above your ears, and attach the extension. Let the top half of the front section cover your extensions. If you follow this method and choose the right texture and colour of extensions, they will blend in beautifully.

  1. “Extensions make your scalp itchy, heavy, and sweaty.”

Never attach the extensions directly on the scalp but lower on the hair to give the clip-ins some flexibility to move. It will allow your scalp to breathe.


  1. “Hair extensions get entangled very quickly.”

If you take care of them well, they don’t get entangled. Use a paddle brush to comb out the knots regularly, and store them in the box they came in. Additionally, high-quality extensions are made from the best natural hair available –the ‘remis’ or “Remy” hair. It is hair that is not processed so that the hair cuticles are intact (they lie flat) and lock in the shine and smoothness of the original hair. When cuticles lie flat, they reduce the chances of hair knotting.

Clip-in hair extensions are popular owing to their ease of application, maintenance and variety. If you don’t feel confident using all the extensions in a set for a full-volume look, you can always attach a few of the extensions and still get a stunning result.

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