10 Reasons Everyone Should Go Goa This Summer

It’s not a secret that Goa is a favored beach getaway in India. It is a relaxed and laid-back place with a hippie vibe, beautiful serene beaches, natural beauty, beach sports, and unique events. It’s a fantastic destination all year long; however, going to Goa during the summer is an unforgettable experience. Here are a few reasons to go to Goa in the summer.

  1. Pay lower prices

The resorts and hotels in Goa reduce their rates during the summer months, but they offer facilities just as excellent as during other times of the year. Additionally, travel costs to Goa are much less expensive. So, if you’re looking to have luxury travel on a tight budget, then gohead for the Goa tour packages this summer.

  1. Relax and enjoy a romantic evening in a quiet setting

All you need is your partner and the sea, sun, and sand: a romantic experience! In the summer, it’s much easier to reserve an outdoor table inside a beach house so that you can have a romantic dinner under candles, away from the eyes of others! Or, take a tranquil, relaxing cruise in the evening through the Mandovi River.

  1. Enjoy the sun’s rays on tranquil beaches.

Take a look at any of the gorgeous beachfront of this paradise without the crowds! Take a break, relax, absorb your Vitamin D on the sun-kissed sand, or enjoy peaceful walking barefoot, which is an excellent therapy for your body and mind. Make sure you have sunscreen and goggles with you.

  1. Feel high on adrenaline

Wasser sports should not be missed during a trip to Goa Parasailing jet skiing, water skiing, banana boat rides, scuba diving and snorkeling, dolphin spotting. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline thrill!

  1. Look for bargains

With hardly any crowds, vendors reduce the prices of the products to create sales. The shoppers can load bags of Goan items and souvenirs without making money in their pockets. Also, alcohol is affordable during this time of year—another reason to get out and party until the sunsets.

  1. Enjoy the delicious Goan food.

A journey to Goa isn’t finished without enjoying the delectable native cuisines: pork vindaloo, Sorpotel and prawns in Goan fish curry, Falcao, and, of course, Goan Feni, and many more. Are you still hungry?

  1. Festivals in the summertime

There are festivals and celebrations in Goa; however, the summer months (March-May) buzz with energy and excitement.

The most popular festivals during this time of the season include Shigmo (March), which is an annual street festival that showcases Goan life through traditional performances along with dance, music, and parades, the Easter Festival (March or April); Grape Escapade (April) which is a wine-related festival as well as Goan Food and Music Festival (April); Goan Food and Music Festival (April) that celebrates Goan food and music and the Konkan Fruit Festival (April); India Bike Week (April) as well as The Goa Heritage Festival (May).

  1. Find hidden treasures and enjoy the tranquility.

Due to the low number of visitors to Goa during summer, you’ll be able to discover Goa’s hidden treasures with tranquility.

Take in the scent of fresh spices in an herb farm and hang out with the animals at Jungle Book; enjoy splendid views and Portuguese culture at Sinquerim Fort; watch Greek shows on the stage at Greek restaurant Thalassa Explore the architectural marvels in Rivona Caves Arvalem Caves and Lamgau Caves Try backwater kayaking in the Zueri and Nerul Rivers; spot wildlife in the nature reserves.

  1. Treat yourself to a bit of indulgence.

Numerous classes and one-off sessions are offered on the soft sandy beaches of Goa. If you wish to take a fitness class, go to Patnem Beach in South Goa or Arambol Beach and Mandrem Beaches in North Goa.

There are numerous wellness centers located in Goa, and they offer a wide range of relaxation and typically serve organic meals to keep you healthy and full of. SWAN Yoga Retreat, Banyan Tree Yoga, and Vedic Valley are the finest possibilities. This summer, go to Goa for a relaxing vacation!

  1. Explore refreshing waterfalls and hotspots for biodiversity

Explore the beautiful paths in the Mahavir Forest Reserve and witness the beauty of Dudhsagar Falls. Water cascades in milky foam (hence their name, which is a reference to milk). It’s a spectacle unlike anything else!

Goa has a diverse range of animals and vegetation due to its proximity to the Western Ghats mountain range. There are a number of noteworthy sights to see. The finest locations to visit include Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollen National Park, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, and many more places.




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