8 Reasons To Ditch Other Destinations And Plan A Rajasthan Tour

Have you ever thrown someone out, or could you ditch someone in the interest of somebody else? The answer may differ from person to person, and even when talking about the top tourist destinations in India, True wanderlust will be willing to abandon a common goal in favor of something better!

Rajasthan, one of the Desert Capital of India, is a place that could easily entice travelers to abandon other popular tourist destinations around the world! Why then have you ever thought about this? No matter if you say ‘yes’ or not, Here are ten reasons you shouldn’t go to other destinations and places to go to Rajasthan:

  1. Royal Charm and Appeal

Rajasthan also known as the ‘Land of Maharajas, A Rajasthan tour is filled with the royal lifestyle! It is dotted with palaces and forts; each part of this extravagant State located in the Thar Desert showcases an imperial style of living that is exclusive to the golden desert sands.

Every step of Rajasthan tour packages will lead you closer to the lavish life in the old days of India. In your home, from your four-wall space to a trip across the State, you’ll be able to experience more vivid glimpses of royal splendor and the luxurious lifestyles that were once. Contrary to other locations in the nation and world, a Rajasthan excursion will be filled with the regal splendor and the glamor of a bygone period.

  1. Melting Point of History

If you are looking for the most historic sites for a trip in India, it is likely to find Rajasthan as one of the top spots. As a central point from the very beginning, the beautiful Indian State has continuously drawn rulers and kings from nearly every corner of the globe.

In addition, its topography and geographical location have played a significant function throughout the ages. For trade and commerce, or the distribution of power in the middle ages periods, or serving as a connection point between the other regions, Rajasthan has shaped the course of history in exciting ways. Make a plan to visit Rajasthan for those who want to revisit the history of the old world!

  1. Heart-warming Cultures & Traditions

While concrete forests are replacing history, Rajasthan boasts of being one of the few places that have remained true to its traditional customs and cultures. On a trip to Rajasthan, it is possible to take in the beautiful atmosphere and colors of the Indian Desert Capital in the most appropriate ways.

To mix your travels with these beautiful customs and cultures, You should arrange your travel during one of the fairs or festivals in Rajasthan. During these festivals that the whole of Rajasthan gets colored with different shades.

  1. Ancient Architectures

The reason Rajasthan is known as the “Land of Maharajas’ gets clear when you enter the beautiful landscapes of the desert state! But, if you go deeply into the past of the Maharajas and Rajas of Rajasthan and you’ll be captivated by their talents in their knowledge, experience, and appreciation for the best of architecture.

Suppose you go to any of the majestic palaces, magnificent forts, diverse Havelis, Royal Memorials, enchanting lakes, or beautiful gardens. The gorgeous architecture of Rajasthan will attract you in that scenario. Most of them follow Hindu or Rajputana architectural styles, which were usually incorporated in Mughal design; Rajasthan is fringed with various establishments that exhibit the skills and mastery of the medieval age.

  1. Art and Crafts

Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in India. All the credit is due to the exemplary arts and crafts made by the Rajputs or others who ruled this State, known as Desert Capital. Contrary to most states of the country in the desert, Rajasthan adopted different styles of craft and art in the most vibrant ways.

In the case of handicrafts, music, or paintings, Rajasthan is considered the ultimate in the arts and cultures. For those who are experts in the arts and history, this stunning State is an ideal destination to explore the splendor of the past. However, novices can learn much from this sea of vibrant art and exquisite crafts.

  1. Endless Tourist Destination

In Rajasthan, you’ll not be unable to choose! If you go west or east, either north or south in the State and you’ll undoubtedly find one or additional destinations you’ve never visited on the course of your Rajasthan tours!

Suppose you are looking for places that offer modern-day amenities or would like to travel to the most remote village and be pampered by a wide array of options of the Indian Desert Capital. From ancient places to romantic spots with laidback towns to enchanting lakes, Rajasthan has something or other to offer tourists!

  1. Numerous Things To Do

Are you a person who enjoys leisure who is looking forward to visiting the next destination to take in its serene beauty, or a lover of fun who would like to experience thrilling activities? Are you seeking the perfect romantic spot, or are you an adventurer who craves adrenaline?

If you are taking a Rajasthan tour, there is no need to be aware of what you’re looking for! The only thing you need to do is take your bags and head towards the Indian Desert Capital; you will be surrounded by many opportunities to explore Rajasthan. If you’re looking to engage in adventure, leisure, or romantic activities, you’ll discover the answer on a Rajasthan tour.

  1. Diverse Range of Wildlife

Imagine waking up to the magnificent Indian Tigers or maneuvering through in the jungle as a massive mammoth walks in the distance! If that’s not enough to make you want to go on taking a Rajasthan tour, why not try getting the closest experience with wild cats, or viewing them in their natural habitat, while you are only just a few feet from them.

This enthralling experience creates Rajasthan the ideal destination to explore with the wildlife and nature.


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