Why is playing puzzles not a waste of time?

We had often abandoned puzzles midway, especially when they got tough to solve. Trust me, we all have been there at least once. We ignore puzzles, thinking it is taxing and time waste, especially when the puzzle pieces count increases and it gets challenging to solve. 

Well, now is the time to face the fact. That is a myth. Yes, calling puzzles a time waster is all about mind over matter. 

Puzzles are not a waste of time. Rather, puzzles are one of the best ways to unplug yourself from a boring schedule and find an escape. Also, assembling puzzle pieces helps you lower your stress and anxiety levels.

Limiting screen time on our laptops or phones is quite difficult, and puzzles are an easy escape. Solving a puzzle requires your complete attention, and therein lies the magic. 

Everyone, from kids to kings, is returning to this quiet pastime of childhood, and there are obvious reasons behind it. Don’t worry; we’ll also elaborate on the other why’s.

What Are the Benefits of Solving Puzzles?

Solving puzzles helps enhances memory power.

This is the most obvious reason to call puzzles useful and certainly not a waste of time. Solving puzzles provides brain stimulation, such as refining spatial skills and problem-solving approaches, which helps build short-term memory and reinforces visual acuity.

Assembling the puzzles helps strengthen connections among our brain cells, improving your thinking potential and mental speed. Puzzles are especially known for helping improve our short-term memory. 

Puzzles help improve problem-solving abilities.

The ability to solve problems and think instantly about a solution is what we all crave. We all want to be quick in solving the issues without getting tensed. You won’t be surprised to know that puzzles help us develop all those important skills.

Solving puzzles requires us to consider various approaches since there’s a lot of trial and error involved. While assembling the puzzles, we learn the importance of formulating theories, testing hypotheses, and keep implementing the different perspectives until it works out.

With time and practice, all these skills get transferred to real-life situations, and we learn how to implement different perspectives to solve our real problems. 

Boosts mood and keeps you relaxed.

Solving puzzles, especially personalised puzzles, helps in increasing the production of dopamine in our brains.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls or maintains mood swings. It also affects memory, concentration, and motivation. Dopamine is released every time we solve a puzzle — or even just fit the one right piece of the puzzle. This sense of accomplishment encourages us to challenge ourselves and solve more puzzle problems.

When you solve a puzzle in your relaxing time without focusing on just completing it quickly, you let your brain wander freely, which works as a meditation tool. That benefits the mind & soul immensely. It relaxes the mind and improves your problem-solving abilities.

Experts say puzzles work wonders in times of depression. Solving the puzzle relaxes your mind and helps you overcome stress and anxiety. Today, with the advancements, puzzles come in various ranges – especially aligned to meet your requirements. 

For instance, if you like geometrical designs, love landscapes, or are a pet lover, you can now find puzzles customised as per your preferences; such puzzles are known as personalised puzzles. 

If you want decorated puzzles, go for landscape one, it’ll offer the added benefit of transporting you mentally to the destination in the image.

Similarly, if you love the festive season, go for a good Christmas puzzle and make your winter holidays more fun and relaxing. 

No doubt, puzzles challenge us; however, they also help us to relax. This shift in consciousness improves our mindset, relieves stress, and increases confidence, and when concentration improves, efficiency skyrockets.

Long story short, puzzles are not a waste of time! 

Bottom Line

When you are happy, it gets easier to concentrate, and when the concentration improves, efficiency skyrockets. So, solving puzzles is not a waste of time; rather, it is beneficial in increasing productivity. 

Well, now you know that solving puzzles is not just about a game but about enhancing your entire personality. So, if you feel that you are less focused and having trouble memorising, include solving puzzles in your to-do list. Happy Puzzling time! 

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