When comfort and style meet: a guide to buying the best sunglasses

The charm of sunglasses is what has made them the most loved accessories of all over time. But compared to other gadgets that we wear every day and that make up our look, sunglasses perform an important practical function: to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays. Originally used by aviators and motorcyclists, over the years they have spread on a large scale, transforming into elements of style. Round, square, oversize sunglasses with metal or plastic frames: many possible combinations. There are so many choices on the market and all the eyewear that used to be hard to find at the local eyewear shop in your city, is now easily available through online purchases.

Before purchasing: do you have clear ideas?

There are many issues to address and this is largely due to the dual nature of sunglasses: fashion accessories on the one hand and protective screens for our eyes on the other.

The price

The quality of the lenses greatly affects the final price of the glasses, as does the style of the frame. But the name of the manufacturer also contributes to raising the price. By evaluating all of these variables, you can buy glasses online without worrying too much.

The evolution of sunglasses

A brief excursus on the history of sunglasses allows us to understand how they have evolved over time, transforming themselves from technical tools into fashion gadgets that complete our look.

Lens characteristics

Lens shape and color are two key aspects when choosing. And not only for aesthetic reasons but also for functional reasons. Furthermore, we will see how much the construction materials affect the quality level of the eyewear.

The importance of filters

The main purpose of the lenses is to filter and contain ultraviolet rays, the direct exposure of which is harmful to sight. But by choosing polarized Goodr sunglasses, reflections will also be muffled.

Special lens treatments

There are also special treatments that make the lenses suitable for specific uses.

The frame between design and comfort

Not a secondary element in the choice of eyewear is the frame, the frame inside which the lenses are set. Frame size, weight and design greatly affect comfort, while the materials used determine its greater or lesser resistance.

Sports sunglasses

Sports glasses are designed to meet particular needs, filtering a certain type of light in the best possible way. Cyclist glasses or skier models, while behaving differently, are united by a superior level of solidity and stability.

Foldable sunglasses

Foldable glasses, also called folding or foldable, deserve a separate section. We are talking about special models with joints on the frame that allow them to be closed up to take up very little space. Pocket-sized and compact, they are very comfortable to carry.

Sunglasses for children

Comfortable, soft, resistant and safe: this is the identikit of sunglasses designed for the little ones. Designed to protect the health of their eyes, they are dressed in bright colors and fun patterns.

Now you got some clear ideas. Are you ready to buy?

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