What to do with yourself this weekend

Someone does not bother about this, and it is banal for ten hours in a row lying on the couch with a television remote control in hand, taking breaks for food, playing reputable casinos not on gamstop. But practical and active people, accustomed to value their time, will spend even a free day with benefit and a certain result.

6 rules how to find time to relax?

  • • We definitely plan family leisure.
  • • Next – preparation for the rest.
  • • Do not plan anything for the weekend – and remind your household about it.
  • • Plan 2-3 recreational options “just in case of fire”.
  • • Make lists of family vacation options in advance.
  • • Prepare for your vacation in advance!
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Here are 10 ways to spend your weekends profitably.

1. Dedicate this day to your family

Arranging a country walk with children, going to the cinema together, visiting old parents is a great scenario for a free day. By implementing it, you will receive a sea of positive emotions and invaluable moral satisfaction from communicating with the closest people.

2. Read

It doesn’t matter what you like: the latest novelty in the book market or your favorite battered novel. It was found that reading not only gives knowledge, develops literacy and memory. Communication with a book has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relaxes. After all, what else do you need on a free day?

3. Tidy up your computer

On ordinary days, from morning to evening, busy with work and business, hands simply do not reach to sit down and organize all these files and folders. But the state of the contents of a personal computer shows your attitude to order in general. Delete unnecessary photos and documents, clean the trash, organize information, reinstall antivirus – this is a suitable and useful option for spending a day off.

4. Spend time in nature

This point fits nicely with the first family point. But if at the moment you do not have the opportunity to go on a picnic with your family, you can do it in the company of friends. Barbecues, fishing, mushroom picking, a sunny beach and the sea (at your choice) are the perfect solution for your free day. Another way to entertain yourself on a weekend in England is bookies not on gamstop, which will help not only pass the time, but also get a lot of positive emotions. Do not forget that in addition to entertainment in online casinos, there is also an opportunity to win real money. All you need to start playing is to register at a reliable online casino, make a deposit and select the desired game.

5. Dedicate a free day to the au pair

The option is not too fun, but many of us choose it. The fact is that on other days there is simply no time to clean, wash and stand by the stove. This item does not promise entertainment, but by the evening the result will be evident. An apartment cleaned to a shine, a delicious roast on the table and (oh, miracle!) Everything in the house in its place.

6. Take up a hobby

How lovely! You can spend your day off like this: knit an openwork dress, revise an album with stamps … Well, or glue another model of an airplane for your collection! Doing what you love, no matter how exotic it may seem to other people, brings meaning and joy to your life. And a free day is a good time for an exciting hobby.

7. Raise your cultural level

Why not go to an exhibition, concert or performance today? The hike can be organized alone, or you can capture friends or household. It all depends on how you like to enjoy art – alone with yourself or in a fun company.

8. Disconnect the phone and do not view email

This is useful so that those who are not as fortunate as you do not get in the way of enjoying their favorite activities on your day off. And who really needs it – he will call back and solve all the issues tomorrow.

9. Uncover new talents

What did you want to become as a child? Think about your dreams and start making them come true. Today, there are many courses that will help you develop talents from scratch at any age. In addition, you can develop your abilities on your own – and absolutely free. There are open lessons on the Internet on any topic. Just put together a selection in advance that interests you. And devote your weekend to fulfilling your old dream and trying yourself in a new role.

10. Take a trip

With the invention of airplanes, travel has become so fast that even weekends can easily turn into a little adventure. Although there is no need to go far, you can limit yourself to traveling to neighboring cities. Or even arrange a hike around your city. Take a look at the places familiar from childhood in a new way! Buy a tourist guide and walk around the main attractions again. Remember their history and be filled with love for your native land.


The above points are perfectly combined and combined with each other. For example, fishing is both communication with your beloved friends in nature and a kind of hobby. And which of the ways to spend the day off you choose is just a matter of taste. The main thing is that tomorrow it will not be excruciatingly painful for the mediocre time spent. And one more thing: try not to go to social networks on this day. If you get stuck there for a long time, it certainly won’t be a rewarding pastime.

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