What Are Glimmer Tokens And How You Can Benefit From Them

Destiny 2 has a new currency system called Glimmer Tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase weapons, armor sets, and sparrows from vendors in the Tower. They can also be redeemed for materials needed by Eververse’s Tess Everis to craft more exotic items. But it’s not just Destiny 2 players who want these tokens; they are highly sought after by other games as well! 

Players of Fortnite Battle Royale have been known to trade items or sell their accounts on places like eBay to get them because the game is unable to provide them without significant grinding. With all of these new updates, you might be wondering more about these tokens so let’s learn more about them.

How It Works

Every day players get 1 glimmer for picking up 3 motes and get 10 for finishing a public event on any planet (does not stack with the daily limit). They can have up to 50 glimmers, but this is increased by 25 if they have completed the proper Curse of Osiris or Warmind campaign missions. This will increase to 100 if an Eververse purchase was made.

Glimmer can also be earned by dismantling shaders, which give 10 glimmers each, though players are capped at receiving 200 glimmers from them per week. Also, you can earn a glimmer by dismantling items in the vault. For example, if a player dismantles a 20 attack weapon, they will get 20 glimmers out of it.

On top of that, players can get 100 from completing milestones on each planet and participating in Iron Banner. As well as 10 from public events on IO or rewinding time at Escalation Protocol on Mars or Heroic Adventures.

You don’t even have to open your menu to get your daily dose of glimmer! If you die while having 3 motes you will still receive 1 glimmer upon respawning. Finally, any enemy killed with a precision shot will reward a player with 25 Glimmer.

How To Use Them

Players can spend their Glimmer on items sold by Tess Everis in the Tower – weapons, armor sets, special ships known as sparrows, emotes, transmat effects, shells, shaders, weapon ornaments, mod components, and more. The items sold by Tess Everis rotate every day.

In addition to being able to purchase these items from her directly, Tess will also send you a daily gift that includes a randomized selection of three of the most recent available Eververse offerings. For this daily package to arrive, players must first claim their login reward which can be done by completing the daily Milestone on each of the characters on your account. If you plan to buy tokens for Moonbeam in the Eververse store, you need to close and reopen the game for it to be available. Also, you need to have at least 1 glimmer in your inventory.

Prices range from 100 glimmers for small things like common ships and sparrows, 500 glimmers for exotic emotes, and 500+ for exotics such as guns. On top of that players will earn several bright specks of dust by opening bright engrams. Bright dust is used to purchase items from Eververse vendors.

Tess Everis does still sell bundles, which are an easy way for players to get multiple items with one single purchase. However, you will need to spend glimmer instead of real money for these bundles, unlike Destiny 1 where you could just buy silver.

Get Some Exotics

Ever wish you could run around as Lord Shaxx or have a sweet-looking ship like the Sails of Osiris to cruise around the Tower with? Well, this is possible if you spend your hard-earned Glimmer. There are several items available for purchase with this currency, including Exotic ships and sparrows, emotes, exotic weapon ornaments, armor sets, exotic shaders, guns, powerful mod components that enhance your abilities…

Glimmer isn’t just used to get something you want though. It can also be used to transfer upgrades from one item to another, for example, if you have a piece of armor that has awesome perks but isn’t the type you want. By spending glimmer on weapon and armor ornament kiosks, players can transfer their awesome perk effects onto any other eligible items they own!

For now, there are only two kiosks—one in the Tower, next to the postmaster, and one in the Iron Temple on Felwinter Peak. Players can also purchase unique consumables which come in the form of bundles – Pulse Rifle Telemetry, Machine Gun Telemetry, Auto Rifle Telemetry, Hand Cannon Telemetry, Scout Rifle Telemetry, Special Weapon Telemetry, and Heavy Weapon Schematics. These schematics will allow you to create telemetry for the weapon type it came from.

Player’s Bundles and Glimmers

The Eververse Trading Company will always have a rotating stock of bundles, which are an easy way for players to acquire multiple items with just one purchase. However, you will need to spend your glimmer instead of real money on these bundles.

In essence, players purchase bundles that contain five pieces of telemetry and then use those pieces to upgrade their favorite weapons. Within each bundle is one piece of Bright Engram loot and four pieces of Telemetry, which are color-coded to match the item type that matches their respective consumables.

When all five pieces of telemetry have been applied to a weapon, it will be brought up to maximum level with its experience bar filled. This ensures that players can make the most out of their glimmer by spending it on these bundles.

Benefits from the Silver Economy

Destiny 2’s first purchasable Silver microtransaction goes to a good cause, as it can be used directly to purchase Bright Engrams from Tess Everis. Every time you make a purchase with real money for this currency, 100% of it will go towards funding future Bright Engrams! 

Players pay for these bundles with Silver and then open the Bright Engrams with a key, which is what they receive in return. This is not to be confused with Bright Dust, which you get from breaking down items in the game.


Glimmer tokens are a form of currency that can be used to purchase some awesome items in Destiny 2. Items such as exotic ships, weapons from the Iron Temple on Felwinter Peak or Banshee-44, armor sets, shaders…the list goes on! Glimmers also come into play for transferring upgrades from one item onto another which is super helpful if your favorite piece of gear has attributes that match something else better!

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