Top 8 Puzzle Games for Your Smartphone

Smartphones allow their owners not only to use options aimed at obtaining objective benefits but also to train the brain with the help of games. Some enjoy experiencing most of the innovations in this area, other users treat games as a way to earn money, selecting slot games online instead. Some abandon games at all, believing that such a hobby is a waste of time. But there is no single correct option. But the fact that puzzle games train cognitive skills, intelligence, and intelligence is undeniable. Here are 8 game apps that you can download on your smartphone and enjoy discovering new things.


At the center of the game, there is a seemingly formless object. Your task is to rotate it in different directions so that a clear, meaningful image appears on the wall where its shadow is displayed. As you reach your goal, the object will complicate its structure. By the way, you can download this game to your device for free.


The essence of this puzzle game is a peculiar quiz consisting of seven questions in every round, that must be answered not only by you, but also by your rival. For example, it can be any person from the network or a friend of yours if you decide to compete with your intellectual abilities. The winner is the one who is the most erudite and answers the quiz questions the fastest.


This game is definitely like amateur gardeners who, for whatever reason, can not afford to get a real flower garden. The game is a simulation of the whole process of caring for a plant, from planting to grafting, pruning the branches of the tree and more.


The objective of this mathematical puzzle game is to obtain the number 2048 by moving fragments of the playing field with digits. The task of each move is to push together squares with identical numbers, as a result of which they turn into one and the number is doubled by the specified number of units.

The Room

The game is a search for codes and solving various puzzles that revolve around boxes and boxes with three-dimensional images. To open them, you’ll need to search for the right passwords and find ways to use the available hints correctly.

Four Letters

Speed Match invites the player to gather in the shortest possible amount of time a word out of the letters appearing on the screen. In addition, this is allocated a certain amount of time. If you manage to complete the task ahead of time, the credit goes to the extra points. By the way, the game becomes more complicated as you pass the levels.

Lara Croft Go

This is a smartphone-adapted version of the famous “Tomb Raider” quest. The unpredictable scenario constantly puts players in a situation of responsible choice of a move to overcome various obstacles. More than a hundred puzzles are included in the game.

The Test: Fun for Friends

The essence of the game is that first, the program asks questions to one player, and the other must guess the answers of the first. Then the situation is reversed, and the first player will have to guess.

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