Top 7 Best Promotional Items You Should Consider for Your Business

Marketing your brand with quality products is by far one of the most effective advertising strategies you can utilize. You see, a whopping 80% of consumers like receiving promotional products, and 71% of them prefer promotional products over anything else. Promotional products will make the experience memorable for them, and it’s an excellent way for others to learn about your business.

Now, the question is, what kind of promotional products, promotional gift boxes should you use to build your brand? In this guide, we have gathered a comprehensive list of the most effective products any business can take advantage of.

Keep reading to find out what promotional items to consider.

  1. Custom Face Masks With Brand Logo

After the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have become the new norm, and just about everything is wearing them. Get this, a staggering 80% of consumers wear a mask all or most of the time in public. It gets better because over 30% of consumers report they would use logoed masks every day.

About 51% of them would have a favorable opinion about a brand that gave them a logoed mask, and most of them are likely to do business with that brand. With the average mask getting over 4,000 impressions, it’s a given that you should make face masks one of your promotional items.

As long as you offer your customers quality products, face masks will possibly work in your favor as an advertisement item. If you don’t get a lot of foot traffic in a business, consider mailing them to your customers. Feel free to ask them to post selfies wearing your masks to drive higher brand exposure.

  1. Custom Made Drinkware With Brand Logo

Branded drinkware is by far one of the most common promotional items, and for a good reason. Fancy water bottles have become a lifestyle and more of a status symbol, with more and more people getting into fitness. One of the top reasons why reusable bottles have become so popular is because they cut down on waste and are environmentally friendly.

About 46% of consumers think better of a business that gives them environmentally friendly promotional items. Market your brand with custom water bottles by giving them to your employees and your customers. Every time they go brandishing your eco-friendly products on the street, they’ll be advertising your brand wherever they go.

Apart from water bottles, you can also go with tumblers and coffee mugs. These are also drinkware that your consumers likely use on a daily basis as well. Visit US Imprints, for more personalized tumblers.

  1. Promotional USB Drives

Electronic products such as flash disks and power banks are incredible promotional items for a brand. However, according to research, flash drives are some of the most effective products a brand can utilize. About 56% of consumers will choose a USB drive over a power bank any day, and for a good reason.

USB drives happen to be versatile and very useful for most people. They’re easy to carry, and even with the growing use of cloud storage, they still have data when there is no internet connection.

Apart from your customers, you can also give your employees, and traveling salespeople branded USBs to carry wherever they go. Take advantage of this promotional item and hand out USB drives pre-loaded with company information for your prospects or customers to view

  1. Promotional T-Shirts and Outerwear

If you’re looking to market your brand, their promotional clothing is by far some of the most effective on this list. How often do you see people wearing branded t-shirts, caps, or jackets on the streets? All too often, right?

You see, the average outerwear product gets over 6,000 impressions in its lifetime, making it perfect for spotlighting your brand. Most consumers keep professional promotional outerwear for an average of 16 months, which is long enough to have advertised their business to a wide array of people. If you decide to go with outerwear, it’s of absolute importance that you make sure you provide quality products for your customers.

Some of the most popular products you can use are t-shirts and caps, especially during the summer months. You can use different varieties of t-shirts and tank tops for different demographics. T-shirts have one of the longest staying powers, and the best part is that you can incorporate a brand message on the branded t-shirts.

A lot of consumers prefer to get business products from companies that stand for a purpose. This means with the promotional t-shirts, you can showcase your brand values and beliefs to capture more attention. To cover your bases, get branded jackets, sweatshirts, and lightweight knits for the colder months.

  1. Promotional Calendars

Even with so many options of digital calendars available, a lot of people still prefer to have paper calendars at home. This is one of the best promotional items because it will put your brand in front of consumers every day of the year.

Give your calendars to both employees and customers who stop by the store and mail them to those who order items to be delivered.

  1. Custom Tote Bags

Our list of promotional items would not be complete without custom tote bags. They remain one of the most useful items for most consumers. Tote bags last an average of 11 months and boast about 3,000 impressions during that period.

The quality, utility, and attractiveness of your tote bag will determine how long consumers keep it and use it for their needs. This makes it far more important for you to invest in quality products so you can make your tote bags items of high staying power.

Give your tote bags away for free with the purchase or sell them by offering a feature discount every time the customers shop with it.

  1. Writing Instruments and Key Holders

Branded pens are some of the most popular promotional items, with 89% of consumers owning at least one promotional writing instrument. The best thing about writing instruments is that they are relatively inexpensive, and any business can afford them. You can choose pens, pencils, or water markers depending on your type of business.

Apart from writing instruments, key holders are also inexpensive, and consumers will keep them as long as possible.

The Best Promotional Items: Promoting Your Business With Quality Products

For choosing promotional items for your business, keep in mind that not all trending products will resonate with your target market. This makes it important for you to first understand your ideal buyer persona then align them with quality products. It’s also crucial for you to choose business products that align with your brand’s values.

Most importantly, make them useful, impressive, and high quality so they can have a high staying power and give the most number of impressions. For more informative content, please check out our blog section.

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